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Title: Windows Installer for Carlson Survey starts when other applications are launched
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When other applications started the window pops up saying "Windows Installer, Please wait while Carlson Software is being configured."  

See note at bottom of page to address this issue for later versions of Carlson Survey and Carlson Takeoff.


The window you see is an attempt by Windows Insteller (an type of the Installer we have to use for standlalone products) to repair an application (in this case Carlson Survey 2004), which Windows thinks needs repairing.

It is not clear yet what triggers the repair action, but since to out knowledge there is not need to repair, we have found the following steps  to remove the self-repair functionality.


1. Click Start->Run, type 'regedit', click Ok.
2. Windows Registry Editor will open. Please use caution while using this program - it controls vital Windows information. Starting from "My Computer" on top, please navigate to the following location by clicking on little "+" signs as you go down:


3. Find an item F651FB9CEFE5C8B4F9476DFBC4135CB7 under Features. 
4. Highlight F651FB9CEFE5C8B4F9476DFBC4135CB7 line.
5. From the menu on top pick Registry->Export Registry File, provide file name and place it in the folder where you will be able to find it later. We are saving a backup of what we are about to remove.
6. Hit 'Del' key to remove F651FB9CEFE5C8B4F9476DFBC4135CB7 item. Confirm.
7. Try running a program which used to trigger repair. The program should run fine now.

Please report any problems with this method to us. 

For Carlson Survey 2006, the Feature name is 4AE29B2D6845DC747A9905771580E92B

For Carlson Survey 2007, the Feature name is EFADED93EDE187641B93B5932A22D570

For Carlson Survey 2008, the Feature name is 4369C87393499EE4A8C387AB4DDD4269

For Carlson Survey 2009, the Feature name is 614805928A0BD7B4B8CFB574638A0404

For Carlson Survey 2010, the Feature name is 229F32C046F30524BAD3262A788C8289

For Carlson Survey 2011, the Feature name is 131759278C9840D42B89017F2F6CAC85

For Carlson Survey 2012, the Feature name is A58B5780A6552D94A83DE281CB83F066

For Carlson Survey 2013, the Feature name is 3DBDC5743CE60EB4CB1A47495B0AC353

For Carlson Survey 2014, the Feature name is F1AD08A6BCFA68F4B962E5895623FA20

For Carlson Survey 2015, the Feature name is 7B65303BD6DBDE443A59B734D446F002

For Carlson Survey 2016, the Feature name is 7B94E4F1471BEC747AB2F5795C07FADE

For Carlson Takeoff, follow the same procedure, but find item AFDD9A628CD4AFC4695D243AEA03DC53 under Features.

For Carlson Takeoff R3,  the Feature name is EE08DFD304E69EB4E89A7ACEF0B836FD

For Carlson Takeoff R4,  the Feature name is 1857E97DD1E65F942AFF8AAA5550B64A

For Carlson Takeoff R5,  the Feature name is BDF85251E76E2344490060CD18CB8A35