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Our original stand-alone desktop software package for land surveyors.
Data Transfer 
Download raw field data or upload coordinates for stakeout to/from many sources, including all major brand data collectors.
Traverse Reduction 
Includes Least Squares, Transit, Crandall’s & Compass Rule adjustment and Find Bad Angle error trapping. Preprocesses data for Star*Net network adjustment.
Coordinate Geometry 
The most comprehensive, easy to use COGO available. Much more than just Traverse, Inverse, Intersections, Curves, Spiral Curves, Road Templates, Points on Line, Resection, Right-of-way calculations, Areas, Batch Point File routines.
Enhanced CAD Graphics 
Simply the best stand-alone graphics package available. All the graphic tools you need to produce finished planometric maps and plats.
Produce a complete professional contour map simply and easily. T.I.N. can even be automatically generated directly from field codes & descriptions.
Flexible system for surveyors and engineers allowing volume computations from coordinates, contours or T.I.N.
Finished Drawings 
Output to any major brand printer or plotter for the professional look you need!  

Technical Specifications 
Raw field data can be transferred electronically from a data collector or entered manually into a "spreadsheet" fieldbook-like format. Raw data is reduced and adjusted into coordinates. Traverse adjustments available include: Least Squares, Compass Rule, Crandall’s Rule and Transit Rule. 
CG-COGO provides a multitude of easy to use, powerful COGO tools. Functions include: Traverse, Intersects, Inverse, Curves, Area Cutoffs, Roadways & Right-of-ways and much more, all tailored to the surveyor’s needs. 
CG-CAD drawing tools provide everything the surveyor needs to produce a finished maps or plats easily. Coordinate based tools include: Lines, Annotation & Calls, Tables, Digital Terrain Modeling, Profiling, Cross-section and much more. 
Other Features Include 
All calculations performed using full double precision. 
Flexible interactive inputs from keyboard or screen drawing. 
Coordinate Point Number protection. 
User definable working units, including: Metric or Imperial 
User definable outputs. User definable description tables allow placement of points by description on a specific layer, color and point attribute position. 
Create Star*Net ready file from raw data. Interface to/from all major brand data collectors, Robotic Total Stations and GPS equipment, including: Atlanta Laser, Citation Laser, Geodat, Hayes Co-Op, Kern, Lietz/Sokkia, Nikon, Pentax, TDS, TopCon, Wild, Zeiss. 
Share data through ASCII coordinate file import/export, DXF/DWG and Microstation DGN conversions.