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Title: Home Use of Autodesk Software
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Home Use of Autodesk Software

Many people have asked us about this, and were able to obtain the following statement: "Re: Home Use of Autodesk Software Due to numerous requests from valued customers, [. . .], Autodesk has adopted a policy which allows for home use of your company's licensed Autodesk software by your employees under the following conditions:

  1. the additional copy is used only by one of your employees in the course of their employment;
  2. only one of the Software copies per license is in use at any one time; and
  3. the Software is not licensed and/or labeled for educational use only.
Autodesk understands that employees may need to use Autodesk software for business when they are away from the office. We hope that this expansion of our licensing terms will allow Autodesk software to better serve your company's needs. Yours truly, Charles Harris Autodesk Assistant General Counsel"