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Title: Bug in Raw Data Editor
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00

This affects recent CGSurvey for IntelliCAD 2001 and CGSurvey for AutoCAD 2002 builds. 

1) A bug was introduced into the raw data editor that corrupted the raw data file (.CGR) being edited. The editor can still read the raw file, but you cannot reduce or list it. Every instrument setup record is saved with 2 less bytes than it should have. The files can be easily fixed, but editing them will corrupt them again. 

2) If the raw data file name and directory path are greater than 20 characters, memory was being over-written when you return to IntelliCAD/AutoCAD. 

Download the CGEditor.EXE file attached below and place it in the folder where CGSurvey is installed, overwrite the existing CGEditor.exe file.