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Title: Exporting A Road Profile to XML for Use with Field Collectors
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When creating a profile in Carlson's desktop software, for the purpose of exporting to a field collector; one MUST be sure to save the .PRO as a Road .PRO.

Once saved as a .PRO, one must export the data to a LandXML format. No other data collection software (Topcon, Trimble, etc.) can read a .PRO.

The file extension .PRO is a generic extension. Meaning, that it will be used for a variety of profile types. This includes: Surface, Road, Sewer, Pipe, Crossing, or Circular.

Data collection programs are unable to tell the difference between the .PRO files. As a result, it is imperative that the office worker set their Profile Type to Road, before exporting the data to the XML format. 

Road Profile.png