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Title: Migrating Customizations in Acad & OEM
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These steps will work for AutoCAD OEM (Embedded Acad) or a full AutoCAD license ...not IntelliCAD

If you still have the older setup installed, you can create a Workspace and transfer that to the new setup and it should be the same. If you do not have a custom Workspace in the older setup, open that software, type WORKSPACE* at the commandline, type SA** (for SaveAs) and give it a name. 

*in full AutoCAD, you can also use the Workspace toolbar
**prompting may vary, check your commandline to be sure of correct key-in

Next, type MENU [hit Enter], find the SURV.cuix (in OEM) or csXXbase.cuix (full AutoCAD) file, right-click on it, select Copy, go to your desktop, right-click and Paste it there.

Bringing your customizations into your new setup would be done through the CUI (Customize User Interface) in AutoCAD. To do this, open your new setup, type CUI at the commandline, go to the Transfer tab along the top. Next, open your old .cuix file on the RIGHT SIDE  of the dialog, under "Customizations in New File". Once open, you can drag/drop items (toolbars/workspaces/etc.) from the right side to the left which adds them to the current (or Main) .cuix file under "Customizations in Main File". So for this, click the + next to Workspaces on the RIGHT SIDE and drag your custom Workspace to the LEFT SIDE and drop it on Workspaces.

Once transferred, close the CUI dialog and type (in your new setup) WORKSPACE at the commandline, type C (for setCurrent) and type your Workspace name.