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Title: Modify Slope Distance for Prism Constants in Carlson Survey
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To change slope distances in an RW5 raw file and reprocess the data in our Carlson Survey office software {In Carlson Survey: click Survey / Edit_Process_Raw} you can use the steps below:
1) Click File / Save RW5 As and creating a new unique Saved RW5 raw file name so you don't modify the original Raw File from the field crew with these changes.
2) To correct the prism constant issue click Edit then click "Modify Measurements"
3) Set the "Field to Modify" to "Distance" and in the "Change to Distance" box you can hand enter the amount you want to change the Slope Distance by (make sure to convert it to job units such as US Feet)
4) Change "Apply To..." to "By Point Number" or "By Line Number" and type in a Range or Points or Start / End Line to only change the affected measurements in the file then click OK
This will modify all Slope distances in the RW5 raw file in the Range you've specified by the amount of prism constant error used in the "Change to Distance" box
6) To complete the process you can click "Process (Compute Pts)" and click "No Adjust" then click OK to calculate new coordinates with the slope changes applied.