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Title: Raster images issues
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There are two mechanisms to display raster images in IntelliCAD. Both have pros and cons. The exact method is chosen according to FASTIMAGEDRAW system variable. It has three values:
0 - slower display method. It takes more time to zoom and pan images but it is more accurate and more reliable.
1 - fast display method. Zoom and pan are significantly faster.
2 - adaptive mode. IntelliCAD tries to guess the best way but may fail sometimes.
Many issues with raster images may be solved by changing this sysvar.

Q1. My images are not displayed / they are blank.
A1. Set FASTIMAGEDRAW to 0 (type FASTIMAGEDRAW<Enter>0<Enter>)

Q2. Images are redrawn with delay on regen, zoom, pan operations.
A2. Set FASTIMAGEDRAW to 1 (type FASTIMAGEDRAW<Enter>1<Enter>)

Q3. Quality of image is not good. Image is too blurred.
A3. Set FASTIMAGEDRAW to 0 (type FASTIMAGEDRAW<Enter>0<Enter>)