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Title: Carlson+IntelliCAD crashes caused by 3rd party software
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Some 3rd party software may cause crashes in Carlson+IntelliCAD. The reason is improper intrusion into OpenGL video service. Following software is well-known to cause this:
* Raptr In-Game Overlay
* Nahimic Audio
* AMD Gaming Evolved
* PlaysTV
* GeForce Experience Share
* Asus Sonic Studio
* Trimble (Advanced Process Designs) TCC Explorer
* other game overlays and messengers

Actually not all versions of these applications causes issues; in most cases these bugs are fixed in the most recent version. So to avoid such crashes you need to update mentioned software or delete it.

Another reason of crash may be an error in one of Microsoft libraries (clr.dll). Unfortunately we have no control on it. We introduced an option for more aggressive error detection. It could not resolve the issue 100% but may reduce its probability significantly. To enable it please type the following in Carlson application: