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Title: Carlson BRx5 Radio Modes for the Internal UHF Radio in the BRx5
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Attached is a Carlson BRx5 radio mode document for the Internal UHF radio in the BRx5.

For using the BRx5 rover with a PacCrest wideband 25khz base radio you can probably select a Radio Mode: PC1 to get the best results.

Radio mode information for general compatibility:
PC1 - GMSK, 9600 baud, FEC ON, 25kHz, Scrambling ON
PC3 - GMSK, 9600 baud, FEC OFF, 25kHz, Scrambling ON

PC5 - GMSK, 4800 baud, FEC ON, 12.5kHz, Scrambling ON
PC6 - GMSK, 4800 baud, FEC OFF, 12.5kHz, Scrambling ON

TrimTalk1 - TrimTalk 450S, GMSK, 4800 baud, 12.5kHz
TrimTalk2 - TrimTalk 450S, GMSK, 9600 baud, 25kHz

!!! Please note: for using an External Satel radio you have to set Forward Error Correction OFF and unchecked in a Satel base or rover radio and use PC5 (FEC On) in the BRx5 internal Microhard to get corrections and go to a FIXED solution.

I just wanted to point out the labels on this recommendation won't match when you are using External Satel radios but Satel Forward Error Correction OFF seems to match the BRx5 Microhard PC5 (FEC On) for a successful FIXED solution with good results.

Carlson_BRx5_Internal Radio Modes.pdf