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Title: Using A PacCrest ADL Vantage Base Radio and BRx5 Rover
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On the ADL Vantage Pro radio:
  Protocol: Transparent w/ EOT
  Radio Link: 4800
  Power: 2 watts (this can be raised higher as desired)
  Serial Baud: 38400
  TX Frequency: 464.5
  Scrambling: ON
  Forward Error Correction: ON

In SurvCE
  Equip / GPS Base / RTK tab:
  Device: Cable or Generic
  RTK Port: A
  Baud: 38400
  Message Type: RTCM 3.0

In Equip / GPS Rover / RTK tab:
  Device: Internal nL400 Microhard
  Use any Base ID: checked ON

Tapping "wrenches" next to Internal nL400 Microhard:
Radio Mode: PC5
Frequency: 464.5
Power: 100mw (this setting won't matter for the Rover)