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New from Carlson: SurvGNSS, RTK fill-in and more!

This webinar, presented by Rob Van Etten.
Once again, Carlson is working with your needs in mind — new from Carlson is SurvGNSS . a simple, yet powerful data post-processing solution integrated into Carlson Software workflow and designed to easily process raw GNSS data from different receiver brands.

Rob Van Etten from the Carlson EMEA office and Derek Roche of the Carlson home office will be showing the many ways that Carlson SurvGNSS can work for you:
  • To fill RTK failures when you are working on the edge of your RTK infrastructure
  • To secure centimeter accuracy when there is no RTK infrastructure available in your area
  • To perform sub-centimeter geodetic survey
  • To significantly enhance single frequency receiver accuracy (for GIS and/or survey)
  • To perform QA on your RTK results
SurvGNSS is compatible with multiple base station networks as well as multiple raw data formats. It provides all the flexibility you need with its graphical (Plan View) and Windows Explorer (Project Manager) user interfaces.
Size: 53,421,809 bytesDate: Jan 20,2011Length: 1 Hour