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Carlson LandFill

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This video serves as an overview for a GPS Landfill Management System. Len Necaise of Advanced Disposal also speaks on the benefits of their adopted system; Carlson’s Landfill Grade.

The movie was shot and produced by Randy Noland, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing/Director of Machine Control at Carlson.

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Dave Jordan
Size: 82,100,651 bytesDate: Sep 15,2009Length: 1 Hour

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Carlson Grade Supervisor

This webinar is presented by Randy Noland. 
Size: 26,128,863 bytesDate: March 24, 2009Length: 1 Hour

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Carlson Grade 101 & Dozer 1-2-3 Packaging

This webinar is presented by Dave Jordan, and was originally broadcast
on Jan 29, 2009. 
Get an overview of Carlson Software’s unique machine guidance product that works with the widest variety of construction equipment.

Dave Jordan of Carlson’s Machine Control Division will be showing how the basic features of Carlson Grade work in the field and illustrating the software’s many benefits. Carlson Grade works for heavy equipment operators, mine foremen, construction supervisors and more.

Jordan will cover cut/fill, views, vertical off-setting finish grade, to name a few. In addition, he will go over the placement of the GPS receiver in Dozer 1,2,3.
Size: 31,257,728 bytesDate: Jan 29, 2009Length: 1 Hour

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Carlson Grade Supervisor – Take a Tour

This webinar is presented by Randy Noland, and was originally broadcast
on Dec 4, 2008. 
Tour the features of this new site management software from Carlson. Randy Noland, V.P. of Machine Control and Positioning at Carlson, will illustrate how the newly released Carlson Grade Supervisor v1.0 is both easy to learn and easy to use as he loads the software and steps through and discusses the features.

This new tool for construction grade management is designed specifically for site supervisors, inspectors and grade checkers for their day-to-day surface and grade management tasks. Grade Supervisor provides direct import of DWG files, DXF files, and machine control files, including tn3, gc3, and ln3. Supervisors can get daily, weekly, or anytime volumes, track real-time cut/fill, plus both collect and stake points. The software supports most all GPS/GNSS receivers and is Windows XP/Vista compatible.
Size: 40,019,598 bytesDate: Dec 4, 2008Length: 1 Hour

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Introduction to Carlson Machine Control

This webinar was originally broadcast
on Oct. 9, 2008. 
Are you considering 3D Machine Control? Have you wondered how it might benefit your business’ bottom line. This webinar, presented by Randy Noland, V.P. of Sales for Machine Control and Positioning for Carlson Software, will help give you the answers. Noland will review the general benefits of 3D Machine Control over traditional methods as he discusses and illustrates Carlson Grade Supervisor v1.0 and Carlson Grade v3.1 and gives a general overview to machine control using 3D positioning technology.

Learn about Carlson Software’s unique machine guidance product that is designed to work with all equipment in need of grade control. This includes dozers, drills, excavators, draglines, bucketwheels, scrapers, loaders, graders, compactors, and more. See how supervisors will be able to know what’s going on with real-time position and enhanced grade management capabilities. Learn how heavy equipment operators using Carlson Machine Control will know their grade and location without the need for stakes and even in low visibility circumstances. And it’s versatile as it works with most grading applications, most machine types and most GPS/GNSS RTK receivers including Topcon, Magellan, Leica, Sokkia, Trimble, Altus, NavCom and more.
Size: 57,287,845 bytesDate: Oct 9, 2008Length: 1 Hour

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3D Commercial and Residential Site Design for Machine Control

This webinar is presented by Bruce Carlson, and was originally broadcast on Nov 01, 2007. 
Size: 52,280,378 bytesDate: Nov 01, 2007Length: 1 Hour