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These are movies demonstrating various features found in the Carlson GIS program.

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Learn About the New Opportunities for Surveyors in GIS with SurvCE 2.5

Once again, Carlson is working for you — new with Carlson’s world renown data collection software, SurvCE, will be interoperability with Esri.

Gary Rosen of Carlson Software will be joined by Brent Jones of Esri to go over the many new features of the SurvCE upgrade to 2.51, with Brent detailing some of the many ways this will increase work opportunities for surveyors.

Gary will illustrate some of the many improvements of SurvCE 2.51, which will include the ability to read the GIS feature/attribute structure from a client’s Esri GIS, collect additional survey-grade data to that schema, and write it back as ArcGIS compatible data in a single seamless workflow.
Size: 79,499,061 bytesDate: Spe 23, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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BIM, GIS and Carlson Software

This webinar is presented by Felicia Provencal, and was originally broadcast
on July 9, 2009;
This webinar is for those who have been asked or anticipate being asked to “BIM” a civil project — to essentially design and deliver a dynamic, 3d model of the entire project. Provencal will show that creating a dynamic 3d model for a Civil project (or “BIM”ing a civil project) is not limited to using a particular software program. And, she will illustrate how the term GIS — geographical information systems — still applies to attaching data and other information to objects, which allows management of the facilities after being built.

Learn how you can be assured that your designs will be ready for management once construction is complete with Carlson, a civil engineering design software that allows you to design to specific criteria, is able to show a great visual representation of all the components of your project in 3D view and is able to dynamically reflect changes. Attend this webinar and soon you’ll be able to “BIM” along with the rest of the world.
Size: 33,477,416 bytesDate: July 9, 2009Length: 1 Hour

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Importing and Working with ESRI SHP Files

This webinar is presented by Gary Rosen, and was originally broadcast
on January 22, 2009. 
Please join us for this webinar, which will cover the importation of data in the ubiquitous SHP file format. After the data is imported, we will look at using the Carlson GIS program to view and query the data with the GIS Inspector and other tools.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to use Carlson Software to work with the vast amount of data available in this format. Gary Rosen, a regional civil sales director, will be conducting this presentation in Carlson’s ongoing webinar series.
Size: 46,531,127 bytesDate: January 15, 2009Length: 1 Hour