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Accident Scene

This tutorial walks through creating a base map, generating a surface from points and adding photos to an accident scene.
Size: 43,347,175 bytesDate: October, 2009Length: 16 minutes

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Accident reconstruction tools, Part I

This tutorial explains some of the basic Accident reconstruction tools.
Size: 20,321,147 bytesDate: October, 2009Length: 10 minutes

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Accident reconstruction tools, Part II

This tutorial explains more of the Accident reconstruction tools.
Size: 39,219,163 bytesDate: October, 2009Length: 16 minutes

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Base map creation

This tutorial shows how to create a base map from points, add photos and dimensions, as well as putting the final touches such as lineweights and hatching on your map.
Size: 30,306,053 bytesDate: October, 2009Length: 13 minutes

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CSI 2010 Tools

This tutorial shows how to create a Point Code for drawing linework with the Field to Finish command, explains the CSI Title block feature, and other tools in CSI 2010
Size: 25,281,375 bytesDate: October, 2009Length: 11 minutes

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Accident and Crime Scene Reconstruction for Police

This webinar is presented by Bruce Carlson, and was originally broadcast
on August 27, 2009.  The all new CSI (Carlson Software Investigations) Mobile is a field product designed specifically for use by police departments or consultants who investigate accidents.

This webinar, conducted by Bruce Carlson, founder and president of Carlson Software, will illustrate how CSI Mobile can be picked up quickly by any law enforcement personnel. Bruce will illustrate how the program draws vehicles, fully detailed and shaded for DXF import into any office software, with a minimum of shots. It’s library includes more than 20,000 vehicle makes and models and both damaged and undamaged cars can be illustrated.

See how CSI Mobile’s one-menu system allows for easy command selection, and its graphic mode shows field shots as they are taken and also allows for field editing of linework with simple, powerful commands. Bruce will demonstrate howthe program prompts you step-by-step with graphics to guide the process when moving the setup and taking offset shots to objects such as large trees. Linework and symbols for trees, poles, etc. are easily drawn with an icon-based coding system.

In this webinar, the program will be run connected to a robotic total station and also using the PC demo version.
Size: 47,789,016 bytesDate: August 27, 2009Length: 1 Hour

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Introducing All New CSI Mobile

This webinar is presented by Bruce Carlson, and was originally broadcast
on March 19, 2009. 
Carlson Software Investigations can now be used at the scene of an accident or a crime with the introduction of CSI Mobile by Carlson Software. Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software, who worked closely on this product, will show this field product. CSI Mobile has been specifically designed for police departments and consultants who investigate accidents. They asked for something that worked the way they work in their language and CSI Mobile is the result. Learn all about CSI Mobile’s extra features designed specifically for car accident reconstruction. These include aspects like the complete library of vehicle dimensions, makes and models; the ability to recall distinct target heights where different target heights are used and to prepare the accident report as a text file, plus an accident and crime scene symbol library for urban features like manholes, poles and fire hydrants as well as trees, road signs, etc.
Size: 74,463,184 bytesDate: March 9, 2009Length: 1 Hour