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What’s New in Carlson 2012

David Carlson, V.P. of Development for Carlson Software, will lead this webinar providing a walk-through of some of the top new features in the recently released 2012 Carlson Software office products. These include: Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, Carlson GIS, Carlson Point Cloud, Carlson Mining, Carlson Construction, Carlson Takeoff, and Carlson Natural Regrade.

Increased 3D visualization, extensive new 3D coding in Carlson Survey’s industry-renowned Field-to-Finish, added support for realistic 3D symbols including trees, people, vehicles and utilities in Carlson Civil, new haul truck cycle analysis routines in Mining, the ability to produce customized, more professional reports are among Carlson 2012’s many improvements.

For those who have recently updated to 2012, tune in to see the new features you should be utilizing now. For those thinking of updating or who may be considering moving over to Carlson office design software, tune in to see the how the new capabilities enhance and improve the underlying quality and ease-of-use of Carlson. We work for you — sign up now to see how Carlson 2012 is designed with your needs in mind.
Size: 53,477,033 bytesDate: Oct 13, 2011Length: 1 Hour

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Tips and Tricks for Preparing Drawing for Surface Model Building in Carlson Software

Need to create a good, accurate surface model from someone else’s drawing? In this hour-long webinar, Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl will show you the initial steps she takes after receiving a drawing from others that make it easier to create a surface model.

Some areas Jennifer will discuss include drawing cleanup, tips for elevating building pads and curb lines.

Both new Carlson users and those working with it for years are giving That CAD Girl’s webinars a thumbs up. If you you’re looking to expand your Carlson tool box, this webinar is for you.
Size: 126,276,705 bytesDate: August 26, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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Intro to Model Space & Paper Space for AutoCAD or IntelliCAD in Carlson

This is a repeat of a webinar conducted by Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl back in early June. It was extremely well received, but due to some technical problems, it was not recorded.

So, by popular demand, this webinar “Intro to Model Space & Paper Space for AutoCAD or IntelliCAD in Carlson” is back. It will serve as an introduction to the model space and paper space features in both IntelliCAD- and AutoCAD-based programs.

This class will cover topics such as: layer management, viewport scale and drawing orientation and rotation.
Size: 70,455,239 bytesDate: August 20, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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Working with DEM files

In this webinar for Carlson Software, Carlson dealer Paul Carlson of Carlson Desktop Solutions will be conducting this hour-long webinar to give background and educate people on the use of DEM files.

First, he will cover exactly what a DEM file is and where and how to get one. Then he will show how to use a DEM file inside of Carlson Software. Once the DEM file is in Carlson, he will then show you how to use the data to mike surfaces, contours and extract profiles..

This webinar will be exploring new territory for many and helping to show Carlson users new ways to utilize the power of the software.
Size: 66,983,347 bytesDate: August 19, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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Drawing Scales & Annotation in Carlson Software

This hour-long webinar will cover the use of horizontal scale settings, text sizing, linetype and dimension scaling & sizing in Carlson Software with IntelliCAD.

Whether working in plain IntelliCAD, AutoCAD or with Carlson, dealing with drawing scales and annotation sizing seems to always be a major frustration for drafters and designers.

Presented by Carlson dealer and Carlson College member Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl, this session will explain how Carlson’s use of a few key settings makes this task much easier.
Size: 62,995,091 bytesDate: August 5, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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Layers & Block Management with Carlson Software

This movie is presented by Carlson dealer and Carlson College member Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl and was originally broadcast on July 8, 2010.  This class will also cover the creation of blocks (and managing layers within blocks) and a symbol library for use in Carlson.
Anyone who has struggled with managing layers for drawing template files or tried to figure out what layer a block is on will benefit from this class.
Size: 76,248,408 bytesDate: July 8, 2010Length: 1 hour

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Tips & Tricks for Carlson Civil: Beyond the Demo

This webinar is presented by Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl, and was originally broadcast on May 18, 2010. This updated version of Carlson Tips & Tricks will go beyond the standard tips and tricks normally shown in Carlson Software demos. Presented by Carlson dealer and Carlson College member Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl, this class is geared toward the new Carlson Civil user who would like to learn a few Tips & Tricks for getting more out of the software.
Some topics will be multiple-pad grading and daylighting, SiteNet and site grading using points on a slope.
Size: 105,347,487 bytesDate: May 18, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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April 8 Webinar: Carlson Tips & Tricks II

This webinar is presented by Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl, and was originally broadcast on April 8, 2010.
The webinar will cover topics that will be helpful in basic drafting tasks and other topics that will prove extremely helpful for specific tasks in Survey, Civil & Takeoff. These techniques are guaranteed to help Carlson Software users save time and money on their projects.
Size: 45,801,074 bytesDate: April 8, 2010Length: 1 Hour

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Learn how Carlson can help you be out in front in the great software migration

This webinar, presented by Jim Reinbold.

This webinar is to introduce Carlson Software and its wide range of solutions to those of you who are considering other software because yours is going away. Carlson representatives will outline the tools that are already in place that will make the migration from Eagle Point and Land Desktop to Carlson both easier and quicker.

Here’s a chance to take a quick look at Carlson’s products — Carlson SurvCE or Carlson Field data collection, Carlson Survey office survey solution, Carlson Civil, Carlson Construction, Carlson Takeoff, Carlson Grade, and more — while you contemplate the right move for your and/or your company.

Carlson, which is here to stay, listens and responds to its customers and the result is powerful, efficient, effective software that works the way you do. You’re faced with a big decision — this one-hour webinar, which will allow questions throughout, is a good step toward making the right decision.
Size: 62,800,416 bytesDate: Jan 11,2010Length: 1 Hour

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Faster, Smarter — Even Better — Drafting with Carlsonís new raw Standard Item Feature

This webinar, presented by Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl, will focus on the new support for CAD Standards within Carlson 2010.

Jennifer notes that this new feature is built around a database that is independent of any single drawing and offers a simplified user environment for defining, managing and drawing in accordance with predefined CAD standards. She will be demonstrating that a default set of standards for the Surveying and Civil disciplines based on the US National CAD Standards is included in the 2010 release.

Because the feature contains a management interface for CAD Managers as well as a production drafter interface, this webinar will show how to develop and maintain CAD Standards and will also show the user how to save time and effort by leveraging them.
Size: 49,978,830 bytesDate: Oct 08,2009Length: 1 Hour

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Inside Scoop on What’s New in Carlson 2010

Join Dave Carlson as he walks you through some of the new, important features of Carlson’s 2010 release, a release that’s just getting the finishing touches and is expected on the market in early October. He’ll discuss the new 64-bit interface, explain that 2010 will work with Windows7, and will be on AutoCAD 2010 to name just a few of the highlights.

Providing more than 400 new features and enhancements, the Carlson 2010 product line includes Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, Carlson Takeoff, Carlson GIS, Carlson Mining, Carlson Field, with a new product, Carlson Construction, soon to be released.

Other improvements to be discussed include document and settings management, drawing standards, smart annotation rules, quick and easy PDF reports, new template transition method by grade table, improved linkage with HydroCAD and real-time fence diagrams.
Size: 56,636,352 bytesDate: Sep 17,2009Length: 1 Hour

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CAD Standards for Carlson Software with AutoCAD and IntelliCAD

This webinar is presented by Jennifer DiBona, and was originally broadcast
on June 18, 2009. 
This webinar, presented by Jennifer DiBona of That Cad Girl, will be similar to one of the most popular presentations at the Carlson Software “Break New Ground” User Conference, held in April.

According to DiBona, this one-hour webinar will cover the basic setup of CAD standards using AutoCAD and/or IntelliCAD with Carlson Software. She will also discuss how to establish standard Carlson settings and then share that with other computers or users in your organization.

This is the perfect webinar for CAD Managers deploying Carlson Software on top of either an AutoCAD or IntelliCAD platform.
Size: 38,801,995 bytesDate: June 18, 2009Length: 1 Hour

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Complete Control Data Flow

This webinar is presented by Randy Noland;
One of the benefits of using Carlson Software products is the seamless flow of data between applications and the disciplines they serve. We call this ‘Complete Control Data Flow’ and it is critical for the efficiency demands of today’s Design-Build digital technology. This presentation discusses our products as they relate to the circle of data at each project phase along the concept-to-completion journey.
Size: 96,646,161 bytesDate: March 30, 2009Length: 1 Hour