Development Timeline:

Follow the history of Carlson’s CAD-based product, with development highlights, from today’s comprehensive software solution, back to its beginnings in 1989 as SurvCADD™ version 10… the forerunner of today’s Civil Suite product offering.

Release Date Highlights
Carlson 2017 07/28/2016 Carlson Community, Supersonic viewer, view and convert Solids, batch PDF output, Point GIS, graphic reports on layout
Carlson 2016 08/03/2015 Settings Server, Utility Network, Dynamic Pipe Edits, Gantt Charts, Haul Cycle, Rubber Sheet, WMS, WFS
Carlson 2015 07/22/2014 3D Viewer upgrades, Carlson Cloud, Design Detention Pond, 3D PDF output, PDF layer import, IntelliCAD 8
Carlson 2014 07/25/2013 IntelliCAD® 7.2c and AutoCAD® 2014 supported, improvements to Google® Earth KMZ export, improvements to Autodesk® Civil 3D® point and surface conversion, new modules consisting of Carlson CADnet, Carlson GeoTech, and Carlson Trench
Carlson 2013 6/27/2012 IntelliCAD 7.2, Import/Export Google® Earth KML/KMZ Files, Sewer Laterals, Fence Diagrams with Angled Drill Holes
Carlson 2012 09/12/2011 GONs Support, Local County Projection Systems, Tighter Integration with Esri® Map Services, Haul Cycle Analysis
Carlson 2011 9/30/2010 IntelliCAD 7, Road Rehabilitation, Esri MSC (Mapping Standards for CAD)
Carlson 2010 10/20/2009 64-bit, Data Depot, Draw Standard, PDF Reports/Import, C&G™ Merged, Construction module, Mining TINs
Carlson 2009 4/28/2008 IntelliCAD support, Drawing Explorer, drape images
Carlson 2008 6/26/2007 LotNET, SiteNET, adjust plan-profile sheet, pit scheduler, new Point Cloud module
Carlson 2007 5/26/2006 Reorganized modules, Introduced RoadNET, HydroNET, Field-to-Finish Inspector, Coordinate History
SurvCADD 2006 4/14/2005 New TakeOff and Natural Regrade modules, quick sections
SurvCADD XML2 6/18/2003 SurvNET, point group manager, surface manager, block modeling
SurvCADD XML 5/25/2002 Quick profile, TIN file utilities, 3D Surface flyover, LandXML conversions
SurvCADD CES 8/18/2000 New GIS module, symbol library, cut sheets
SurvCADD 2000 3/11/1999 Support for AutoCAD 2000, new Field module
SurvCADD 98 11/01/1997 Support for AutoCAD 14, new raw processor, dragline routines
SurvCADD 12.6/13.2 11/19/1996 Dynamic annotation and points, loy layout, design road template, mining equipment timing
SurvCADD 12.5/13.1 12/05/1995 Legal description writer, hydrograph routing
SurvCADD 12.4/13.0 3/29/1995 Support for AutoCAD 13, alphanumeric point numbers, volumes by triangulation
SurvCADD 12.3 7/07/1994 Field-to-Finish, Hydrology module
SurvCADD 12.2 12/10/1993 StrataCalc for mining, bench and valley pond design
SurvCADD 12.1 5/01/1993 3D Polyline Utilities, new contouring, road profile design, new Mining module
SurvCADD 12.0 10/07/1992 Support for AutoCAD 12. Use of AutoCAD dialogs.
SurvCADD 11 3/15/1991 Support for AutoCAD 11. Wrote surface modeling in ADS.
SurvCADD 10 11/15/1989 Initial release with COGO-Drafting, DTM-Contour, Section-Profile modules.

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