Carlson Surface MiningCarlson Surface Mining

For complex surface mining design and techniques with precise scheduling and timing

The Carlson Surface Mining module enables users to find the most efficient mine design by testing layouts in plan, section and 3D view. Use Carlson to:

  • Integrate geologic and surface modeling with plan view, 3D view, and section view mine layout routines
  • Get accurate calculations of overburden, ore quantities, strip ratios, rehandle, and ultimately, cost
  • Easily convert any road or ditch centerline, dam, building pad, pit or other defined object into a final terrain
Dragline Pit Rendering in Carlson Software

Dragline Pit Rendering in Carlson Software

Accurately schedule and monitor your mine with Carlson’s color-coding that highlights your production timing and statistics, calendars that explore “what if?” scenarios, calendars to monitor equipment usage, plus the ability to base timing on calendar periods or tonnages or on volumes of overburden.

New, multiple slope groups are now easy to define for all pit blocks globally with symbols for different slope and bench templates on different sides. You can now cut through the benches whether working from the top down or the bottom up with automatic ramp building.

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Achieve the most efficient mine design

System Requirements


Pit, Property and Spoil Layouts
  • Use several pit layout algorithms to represent actual mine pits or simply to subdivide reserves into smaller productions blocks for reserves or scheduling
  • Choose any shape for your layout from simple to extremely complex using commands such as Pit Matrix Layout and Layout by Advance
  • Further subdivide and identify pits by ownership automatically for instant lease and royalty-calculations-by-owner using the property lines
  • Create Spoil location polygons for spoil timing
  • Name property boundaries for use in reserves and scheduling
3D Pits and Spoil Design
  • Try varied bench parameters on different sides of the pits by tagging Slope groups
  • Alter the slope, width, and height of the benches in pit through different material or depth
  • Place ramps strategically by testing in design, just select slope and starting location to have ramps automatically carved in the pit even with switchbacks
  • Base benches on strata, elevation, or quality for both pits and spoil
Pit design options in Carlson Mining
Surface Mine Reserves
  • Calculate reserves from drillholes on the fly, or from pre-calculated grid or block models
  • Choose between vertical quantities, overall highwall slopes, or detailed bench layback designs
  • Store quantities or grids into the pits for scheduling
  • Create full reports of volume, tons, quality, area, and strip ratios
  • Analyze deposits with Reserve Classification for measured, indicated, and inferred results
Scheduling and Timing (accurately schedule and monitor your mine)
  • Base surface mining rates on overburden removal or ore tonnage
  • Apply equipment calendars/usage to individual or collective fleets
  • Create multiple calendars to explore “what if” scenarios
  • Get color-coded view to highlight the production timing and statistics
  • Base timing on calendar periods or tonnages or on volumes of overburden
  • Set production requirements per user-defined time periods
  • Attach precedence requirements to any timing blocks
  • 3D Pick for short range sequencing with multiple select and colored benches
  • Automatically create 3D surfaces of each period scheduled to simulate the mine progression and play it back for review
  • Combine dozer push analyses with cast blasting, shovel, and dragline analysis to obtain the optimal combination of equipment and mining sequencing
  • Sequence placement of spoil given cuts and haul fleets and combine that with the mining advance to play back the entire mine progression

3D Pit Timing

Haul Cycle Analysis
  • Define truck fleet productivity (pick from 24 pre-defined trucks, plus add own)
  • Create haul road networks for possible routes based on color-coded 3D polylines with length and slope
  • Calculate and report cycle time, overall productivity or truck fleet size required
Dragline Range Diagrams
  • Test interactive range diagram options for detailing dragline sequences and associated volumes
  • Analyze dragline height, reach, and digging depth limits based on design
  • Combine dozer push analysis with cast blasting, shovel, and dragline analysis to obtain the optimal combination of equipment and mining sequencing
  • Process the section design to 3D creating pits and the spoiled surface