Carlson Natural Regrade

Carlson Natural Regrade for reclamationCoordinating MINE DESIGN with MINE OPERATIONS and MINE CLOSURE equals EFFICIENCY

Land reclaimed with Natural Regrade goes with the natural forces.

Rather than fight the natural forces that shape the land, Carlson Natural Regrade with GeoFluv creates a landscape that harmonizes with those forces and does not require expensive long-term maintenance and repair.

Carlson Natural Regrade gives all faced with disturbed lands an affordable and natural way to achieve sustainability. The innovative GeoFluv™ fluvial geomorphic landform design method brings back the natural beauty of the reclaimed land while stability against erosion is established and the water quality remains comparable or better than surrounding undisturbed lands.

Carlson Natural Regrade enables users to:

  • Build with on-site materials
  • Save money on material moving
  • Reclaim steep slopes in stable and suitable configurations
  • Convey water and sediment discharge naturally
  • Produce a self-maintaining, natural-looking result

The software uses .dwg format drawings and outputs .flt or .tin files that can be sent directly to GPS-machine control heavy equipment software for efficient construction.

Natural Regrade reclamation design will:

  • Help meet and exceed environmental standards
  • Provide maintenance-free stability against erosion and true sustainability
  • Provide reclaimed land run-off water quality comparable to surrounding undisturbed lands
  • Encourage wildlife and plant diversity in the reclaimed land
  • Enhance the local viewshed by returning the natural beauty of the land

Before even breaking ground, savvy operators consider material placement that is needed for a reclamation plan that meets all requirements. Mining and reclamation plans that are designed to work together will minimize material handling and can make for big savings.”
–Nicholas Bugosh, GeoFluv Technical Director

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System Requirements


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Old Method

Natural Regrade
software with GeoFluv™

Old Method Geofluv Regrade Method
  • Based on conveying a single extreme discharge event
  • Based on all discharges
  • Conveys only water discharge effectively at lower Q
  • Natural channel morphology conveys water and sediment discharge; hydrologic balance
  • Requires expensive off-site earth material, e.g., rip-rap
  • Built with on-site materials
  • Expensive on steep slopes
  • Cost is significantly lower than gradient terraces and down drains on steep slopes
  • Requires long-term maintenance
  • Self-maintaining
  • Requires maximum backfill to lower slopes
  • Can reclaim steep slopes in stable and suitable configurations, save money on material moving
  • Provides minimal slope aspect diversity
  • Increased slope aspect diversity promotes vegetation success and animal habitat
  • Visual affront
  • Natural beauty
  • Rigid design sideboards limit landscape alternatives
  • Landscape designs can vary and provide alternatives
  • Regulatory agencies not satisfied
  • Regulatory agencies embrace, GeoFluv™ approach is award-winning

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