Drill Grade

Carlson Drill Grade System

Get All-Weather Assistance with Drilling & Blasting for both Mining & Construction. Carlson Drill Grade System Uses the Latest in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Technology

The features and benefits of Carlson Software’s Drill Grade System© inprove the bottom line for mining or construction operations:

  • Get correct depth of all holes
  • Enable correct hole and row distance at bottom of the blast
  • Eliminate need for surveyors to marke collar points and depth

Position and drilling to correct depth has always been a challenge and companies will find that GPS positioning with Carlson Drill Grade — a GPS drilling system — provides the answer to this issue.

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Key Benefits

Accurate Drilling = Better Blasting
Better Blasting = Better Fragmentation
Better Fragmentation = Improved Bottom Line

  • Project & record hole depth
  • Record & measure multiple drill parameters
  • Set-up for angle drilling
  • Ability for unlimited tagging of strata & to extract strata information
  • Real-time location of all working machines displayed
  • Limits need for over and under drilling
  • Reduces blasting costs
  • Lowers survey costs
No need for a surveyor
  • Operators can navigate & position from within the cab without a surveyor
Easy to use interface
  • _Design can be done from the office or in the field with easy-to-use interface
(Near) real-time system feedback
  • Remote wireless monitoring provides near real-time system feedback for operators and office personnel
  • Enables all-weather operation, day or night
  • Increases overall safety of operations
  • Keeps operator in the cab & our of harm’s way, thanks to stakeless drill pattern layout
  • Has both audio & visual alarms, set up for avoidance zones, to keep machines in safe working boundaries
  • Prevents encroachment of individual machines with proximity warnings — operators know each machine’s locations and alarms can be triggered if a proximity zone is breached

Additional Features

  • Stakeless drill pattern layout
  • Drill to the surface design (DTM), elevation or desired depth
  • Supports both vertical and angle drilling
  • Instant messaging
  • Create DTM from collected drill data
  • Link to Carlson’s blasting module and other Carlson Mining software products
  • Supports most all GPS/GNSS receivers
Graphical historical playback
  • Provides unsurpassed post analysis and operator training
Real-time data transmission
  • Two-way data transmission provides up-to-the-minute project distribution
Reporting module provides:
  • As-built drill hold to design files
  • Near real-time volumes
  • Drill productivity
  • Extract strata information
  • Individual machine reports for fleets, users, activities, & number of holes drilled

Key Hardware Components

  • CPU/Touchscreen Display — Carlson Commander loaded with Carlson’s Drill Grade Software
  • Dual GNSS Receiver
  • Boom Articulation Sensor
  • Dual Axis Sensor
  • Encode with Tranducer
  • Tranducer for Hammering Signal
  • Hydraulic Pressure Switch

Hole Pattern SS

Hole Pattern View

Approach Drill Hole SS

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Hole Target SS

Navigate: On Hole Target

Drill, Monitor View

Ready to Drill, Monitor View

Drill, Plan View

Ready to Drill, Plan View

Drilling, Monitor View

Drilling in Progress, Monitor View

Four of those attending the recent Carlson Mining training held in May 2012 spoke to us about their background in the industry and they offered a little something about their experiences working with Carlson Mining. They include:

Brian Glackin uses Carlson Mining software

Brian Glackin

Brian Glackin (right), now with Lehigh Hansen, who is in the cement and aggregates industry, and is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has been working with Carlson Software since 1999, mostly utilizing the Carlson Mining module, Surface Mining.

“I moved over to Carlson because people in the company had CAD experience. We use it for short-range mine planning and long-range feasibility. I like working with Carlson Software because it means we can work in CAD files and so be in the same environment as surveyors and outside civil engineers and be able to push the same files back to them – it allows us to have a common language.”

James Hitt, a consulting engineer with Norwest Corporation, works mainly out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and has 38 years in the mining industy. He has been working with many of the Carlson Software office products – Civil, Geology, Surface, Underground & Hydrology as well – for at least “a couple of decades.”

“One of my favorite aspects of Carlson includes the ease of use as compared to other software packages – people with AutoCAD training can pick it up and use it right away.  In 2002, we were the first company to introduce Carlson Software into Indian market. We recommended that our client use Carlson software for their project and we trained a number of their people to use Carlson Software over the last 10 years. In addition, Carlson helped us figure out a way to create and calculate volumes for mining blocks for a steeply dipping strata coal deposit which were then used to develop detailed mine plans.”

Mike Ross, of Alpha Natural Resources in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has 38 years in the industry and has used Carlson Software almost since the very beginning (1983) of the company. In his work, he uses Carlson Civil, Geology, Surface Mining and Carlson Survey.

“My responsibility now is for mapping and mine planning and I use Carlson Software every day on every project that I do. I like it for three main reasons: it’s intuitive and easy to use, it gives me great flexibility to do the things I need to do, and the response from the technical support team is both fast and good.”

Phil Patton, with Agapito in Grand Junction, Colorado, has been in the industry for 35 years and has worked with Carlson Software for “25 years at least.” He works with Basic Mining and the Civil package.

“Carlson provides an accurate way of calculating for mining operations. A person can learn the software quickly and their technical support is very good and always there, plus their movies and detailed information on the website make it easy to learn and use the software.”

For pricing and dealer inquires, please contact Randy Noland or Dave Jordan at machinecontrol@carlsonsw.com.