Muddy Boots

We’re the “Muddy Boots Guys!”

The Carlson/C&G product still continues to this day! Starting in 2010, the C&G product was combined and integrated into Carlson Survey. This powerhouse combination offers the finest collection of surveying tools available on the market today.

The Beginning of C&G

The Beginning of C&G

Back in 1978, two land surveyors in Atlanta, Georgia, decided to create some software to aid them in their land surveying business. On their Radio Shack Model 1 computer, Edwin Cowherd and Dean Goodman created software that was so helpful, other surveying companies offered to buy it. Though Ed has retired, Dean continues to add his expertise in product development.

The Muddy Boots Guys

Dean Goodman (left) and Ed Cowherd (right) in an old C&G Ad promo shot…

Because C&G’s sales staff, technical support staff, software development team and primary administrative officers have worked in the field and office as land surveyors, their experience as land surveyors is how C&G became known as “The Muddy Boots Guys.”