Simplicity Sight SurveySimplicity Sight SurveySimplicity Sight Survey for 2014

Carlson Software Introduces Simplicity Sight Survey. Simplicity/Carlson provides well orchestrated harmony of COGO and CAD perfect for DOTs and for firms working with DOTs. Simplicity Sight Survey provides simplified methods for solving commonly encountered coordinate geometry and construction surveying problems.

Get Affordable Versatility. Simplicity Sight Survey works with AutoCAD®, IntelliCAD®, and MicroStation®.

Get the Ease of Simplicity Combined with the Power of Carlson Software. Sight Survey also includes several power boosters direct from other Carlson Software products. These include: Carlson File Compatibility; Field-to-Finish to bring field data directly into CAD; Raw File Edit and Reprocess; Enhanced Data Collector Communications; and SurvNET, Carlson’s powerful Network Least Squares application.

What Is Sight Survey?
Sight Survey is a fully three dimensional coordinate geometry package containing all the tools you need to solve your day-to-day COGO calculations. With a virtually unlimited capacity for points, Sight Survey is capable of projects from the smallest lot survey to the largest subdivision. And, if you’re wondering about the word ‘Site’ being misspelled as ‘Sight’ rest assured we didn’t misspell it. Why? Because Sight Survey is more than just a COGO program. It includes a fully operational CAD program that allows you to compute your data and produce your drawing at the same time! With Sight Survey, you can SEE your work in progress!

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Simplicity Sight Survey works with AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, and IntelliCAD®, which comes built-in. It is even capable of running without a CAD application, giving its users ultimate flexibility in a COGO program.

Simplicity features:

  •   New commands for working with Carlson Precision 3D – Culverts (sold separately)
    •  Design 3D Culvert. Design stormwater ­related systems in Carlson Precision 3D– Culverts, and automatically draw and label the culverts, pipes, watersheds,ponds, flow lines, and contours in, back in your CAD program
    •  Draw 3D Culvert. Draws the stormwater­ related system from a previous usage of Carlson Precision 3D – Culverts
    •  Draw Sewer Network Profile. Draws and labels a sewer network profile
  •   New surface commands in the Surface menu
    •   Import LandXML Surface. Converts the first surface in a LandXML file into a Carlson Surface (.TIN or .FLT) file.
    •   Simplify Surface. Reduces noise, over­sampling, and file size of a Carlson Surface (.TIN or .FLT) file
    •   Triangulation File. Utilities ­Provides multiple ways to modify TIN Surfaces, and allows 3D viewing and shading of TIN surfaces
  •   New Centerline Menu
    •   Input­ Edit Centerline File. This command can be used to input a new centerline or edit an existing centerline (.CL) file.
    •   Polyline to Centerline File. Converts a polyline into a centerline (.CL) file
    •   Offset Point Entry. This command creates points along a centerline at specified stations and left and right offsets. The centerline can be defined by a polyline, centerline (.CL) file or two points
  •   New Annotation Menu. These 12 new commands allow you to quickly annotate existing line and polylines entities with various combinations of Bearing, Distance, and Azimuth.
  •   SurvNET updated to version 13
  •   Added US Feet option to Config­>Local­>Distance Units
  •   Import Coordinate File now displays a 50 point ASCII­Style preview
  •   Draw Field to Finish changes
    •   Major performance improvements for MicroStation (V8 XM through V8i SelectSeries 3)
    •   New cad color picker
  •   Contour changes
    •   Major performance improvements for MicroStation (V8 XM through V8i SelectSeries 3)
    •   New cad color picker
    •   Added minimize flat triangles option, for surface generation
    •   Added reduce offset distance setting, previously reduce was only a toggle
    •   Added contour by entities option
    •   Inclusion and Exclusion Parameters now work in Contour By Surface mode
  •  Draw All Points changes
  •  Major performance improvements for MicroStation (V8 XM through V8i SelectSeries 3)
  •  Added erase duplicates option. Checks for and deletes any points with the same point name from the drawing before drawing the point.


New features in Simplicity 2014:

  • New CAD Support:
    • MicroStation v8i, v8i SELECTSeries 1, v8i SELECTSeries 2, and v8i SELECTSeries 3
    • AutoCAD versions 2012, 2013, and 2014
    • Intellicad 7.2
  •  SurvNET updated to SurvNET 11
  • When using MicroStation as the CAD, allows usage of cells from a MicroStation cell library for point symbols including through Field-To-Finish
  • New Command: Remove Polyline Segment


Additional Features Contained in Sight Survey 2014

  • 3.5 trillion point capacity
  • Full suite of Inverse and Traverse routines including lines, curves, and stationing
  • Intersections including: Arc-Arc; Arc-Bearing; Arc-Distance; Bearing-Arc; Bearing-Bearing; Bearing-Distance; Distance-Arc; Distance-Bearing; Distance-Distance; Offset Intersection
  • Adjustments including: Least Squares; Compass, Crandall, & Transit Rule; Metric/English conversions; Translation & Rotation
  • Best Fit Routines for lines and curves, and three point curves
  • Review, Edit, and Re-run traverse raw data from a spreadsheet style format
  • Predetermined Areas for Two Parallel Sides, Radial Sides, and Line through a Point
  • Defined Figures for use with Inverse routines and also with Point to Point Area routines

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