MOVE3: 1D, 2D, 3D Least Squares — Easy Processing, True Results

  • Your adjustment takes 5 or more steps to complete
  • You can’t make sense of your adjustment results
  • You can’t enter all of your observations in your adjustment
  • Your contractor found errors you failed to detect
  • You think your results are reliable, but you don’t know for sure

Then, it’s time to move over to MOVE3!

MOVE3 is an easy-to-use Least Squares adjustment package meant for all kinds of survey work. From ALTA/boundary surveys to geodetic control surveys, from 1D height determination to 3D deformation analysis, MOVE3 will handle all of your observation types, ETS, GNSS and leveling, in any combination.MOVE3 interfaces with a wide variety of Total Station files.

MOVE3 even supports typical cadastral observation types:

  • chainage/offset
  • orthogonal lines
  • parallel lines
  • collinearity

The adjustment goes side-by-side with extensive quality control based on state-of-the-art statistical tests. It will help you quickly identify plain observation errors but also distortions on fixed stations or evena faulty GNSS antenna height.

The MOVE3 difference:
The mathematics in MOVE3 are based on a rigorous 3D model that eliminates the need for any preapplied distortion or correction. Observations in your traverse or network enter straight into the model. No compromise!

3D model advantages:
One of the golden rules of surveying is: don’t mess with your original observations. And yet, most least squares packages deform the original observations in order to fit them on a plane surface. MOVE3 does not do this and as a result, the adjustment and the testing are more precise and reliable — true results. The earth is not flat, so your adjust ment should not be flat either.

Use MOVE3 for accuracy in a wide variety of projects.Is MOVE3 difficult to use?
Not at all. The user does not need to be bothered by the 3D model calculations. The MOVE3 interface is very intuitive with built-in editors. The editors are directly linked to the network plan view; editing, selecting or de-selecting points and observations have never been easier.

Who are MOVE3 users?
Many reputed vendors (e.g. Esri, Carlson, Leica) have recognized the advantages and have integrated the MOVE3 kernel into their own survey applications. Other suppliers have developed a file-based data interface with MOVE3. No wonder MOVE3 is rapidly becoming the main standard for adjusting survey networks.

Do I need other software to run MOVE3?
No, MOVE3 is a stand-alone product. There is no need to have a specific CAD product pre-installed.

Does MOVE3 work together with the Carlson software products?
Yes. MOVE3 accepts the carlson RW5 files, and also the export format from SurvGNSS, Carlson’s GNSS post-processing software, which can be directly imported into MOVE3. MOVE3 also supports data from Leica, Trimble, Sokkia, Ashtech and Topcon instruments.

What are the specific MOVE3 modules I need to order?
There are no additional modules. Everything mentioned here is part of the standard MOVE3 package. No additional basic, standard or pro modules for different kind of observations. Just one package including everything. What you see is what you get!

What is MOVE3’s design option?
This option allows you to make a design of your network and get an idea of the precision and reliability before it is realized in the field. This makes it easier to optimize your network and leave out redundant observations that do not contribute to the result.

How will I get technical support?
Carlson Software, which is renowned in the industry for its free and excellent technical support, will provide it.


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