Cut Fill Volumes

Why Trench?

Getting Started
:00        Introduction (Follow along using Tutorial 16 from the manual)
:53        Project Checklist & Basic Workflow
1:39      Setting Up & Using Toolbars

Setting Layers for Existing & Design
2:26      Define Layer Surface & Material Subgrade
3:34      Drawing Inspector
4:31      Set Layer for Existing & Design – Screen Pick
6:05      Freeze/Thaw the Existing & Design Layers

Setting the Boundary Polyline
7:52      Next Step: Boundary Polyline
8:09      Shrink Wrap Entities
9:05      Set Boundary Polyline

Making the Existing Surface
9:25      Next Step: Make the Existing Surface
9:58      3D Viewer Window of the Existing Layers
10:54    Make & View the Existing Surface

Design Surface – Initial Review
12:25    Review Design Layers with Drawing Inspector
12:49    Review Design Layers with 3D Viewer Window

Design Surface – Elevate Linework from 2D to 3D
14:49    Set Polyline to Elevation
16:00    Elevate to 3D by Text

Defining Subgrade Layers & Materials
18:48    Recheck Design with 3D Viewer Window
19:40    Setting the PAD and Parking Lot Subgrades

Design Surface – Fixing an Inaccurate Model
22:02    Identifying Bad Data in the Design Surface
24:00    Drawing Cleanup

Viewing & Fixing Subgrade Areas
27:56    Surface 3D Viewer with Bad Subgrades
28:56    Fix Subgrade Areas – Close Polylines
30:34    Hatch & Report Subgrade Areas
32:39    Surface 3D Viewer with Good Subgrades

Cut/Fill Volumes & Subgrade Reports
33:41    Standard and PDF Volumes Reports
35:45    Setting Topsoil Removal and Replacement
37:51    Calculate Total Volumes with Topsoil
39:08    Subgrade Material Quantities Report

Verify & Visualizations Tools
39:57    Cut/Fill Color Map
41:16    Surface Inspector
43:15    Quick Profile of Surfaces
44:20    3D Drive Simulation
46:05    Exporting the Project to Google Earth

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Clear and detailed Volume reports include Cut/Fill volumes, Subgrade volumes, Strata volumes, Topsoil Removal/Replacement, and Over-Excavate volumes. Volumes are calculated using 3D triangulation models, the most accurate way to estimate. The program calculates Cut/Fill volumes for the entire site or within “Areas of Interest”.

3D Drive Simulation

Cut/Fill Color Map

Visualizations are used to verify quantities and present findings with commands such as 3D Drive Simulation, 3D Drawing Viewer, 3D Surface Viewer, Quick Profile, Cut/Fill Color Map and Cut/Fill Contours with Daylight lines. Also supports Shrink/Swell factors and Export to PDF or Excel.