Effective Construction Grade Management with Carlson Grade Supervisor

Increase productivity, improve accuracy and tighten bid specs.

Designed specifically for site supervisors, inspectors and grade checkers, Carlson Grade Supervisor offers affordable and easy-to-use software for day-to-day surface and grade management tasks. Grade Supervisor works either on the pole or in a vehicle, moving seamlessly from man rover (GPS pole) to monitor rover (pickup/ATV).

Simple to learn and to use, Carlson Grade Supervisor provides direct import of .dwg files, .dxf files, and machine control files, including tn3, gc3, ln3, grd, tin, and more “no desktop software” required. Supervisors can get daily, weekly, or anytime volumes, track real-time cut/fill, plus both collect and stake points. The software supports most all GPS/GNSS receivers and is Windows® XP/Vista and Windows® 7 compatible.

NEW! You can purchase Carlson Grade Supervisor on top of Carlson’s Supervisor Tablet, a light, rugged tablet PC.

Among the top additions to Grade Supervisor is its NTRIP-compatibility with most networks, which eliminates the need for a separate base station and represents a substantial savings. Other top improvements include:

  • On-demand, video support within the controller
  • Ability to manage layers
  • Option to change Radio Channels
  • In-field, 3D Volume Calcs with PDF graphical report output
  • Works between and with multiple brands of GNSS receivers

Built for you. Grade Supervisor is application centric, designed for site foremen, site inspectors, grade checkers, grade managers who need to know, check, and monitor the progress of earth moving on a site. Developed using many of the tools in Carlson Grade, Carlson Supervisor has just what grade managers need to know their grade and know their volumes quickly and accurately — it’s the tool that that will help them cut costs and increase accuracy.

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  • Get daily, weekly or anytime volumes
  • Create PDF graphic volumetric report for invoicing
  • Track real-time Cut/Fill
  • Know your Grade instantly
  • Collect/Stake Points
  • Set up Base Station (*certain receiver models)
  • Interface consistently with machine control software
  • Connected job site options
  • Supports most GPS/GNSS receivers
  • Windows XP/Vista Compatible
Direct file imports
  • DWG files, DXF files, Machine Control Files (tn3, gc3, ln3)
Bid verification
  • Don’t guess — you’ll know accurate starting surface volumes

Recommended hardware for Carlson

Grade Supervisor, Version 2.0

Suggested Hardware: Carlson Supervisor Tablet, Samsung Q1 UMPC, Panasonic Toughbook, any XP/Vista laptop

“I asked Jim Carlson for your email address because I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your Tech Support team. They are outstanding – in every way.

They – ALL of them – are patient, friendly, upbeat, knowledgeable and unambiguous in their instruction(s). I feel put at ease, and am unafraid to ask any question because none of them have ever acted as if any of my questions are trivial, obvious or incompetent. This is particularly true of one Brian Hammer.

Again, it is a pleasure to work with these guys.”

–Paul G. Louden
Richmond, Virginia

Contact your Carlson Software Representative or Certified Dealer for pricing as well as complete Hardware options.