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Remarkably Easy-To-Use 3D Engineering Design Software

  • Speed design with revolutionary drag and drop options for selecting headwalls and endwalls
  • Delineate drainage and ponding areas
  • Calculate runoff from surface models
  • Size culverts and place at low points
  • Fit headwalls from Headwall Library using solid modeling
  • Grade surfaces for both upstream and downstream designs
  • Move culverts and headwalls to new locations with full dtm restoration
  • Choose from multiple barrel options
  • Integrate easily into Carlson Civil Suite, AutoCAD and Microstation


  • P3D is multithreaded and performance will increase with core count.
  • P3D is 64bit and will use all available RAM available to support large models.
  • P3D uses advanced 3D shaders and performance will increase with graphics cards that process these faster.



  • CPU: dual core Pentium 2.0GHz (or equivalent AMD processor)
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3, DDR4 1333GHz
  • Disk: Install requires 400MB free space
  • Video Card: hardware accelerated DirectX 9 or OpenGL 3.3 and above with dedicated 2GB VRAM, nvidia GTX 400 series (orAMD/ATI equivalent) and above.


  • CPU: quad core Core i5 or i7 3.0GHz
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3, DDR4 2400Ghz
  • Disk: Install requires 400MB free space
  • Video Card: dedicated nVidia GTX700 series or above (or equivalent AMD/ATI video), hardware accelerated drivers for DirectX 9 or OpenGL 3.3 and above with 4GB dedicated VRAM

OS: Windows 7 x64, service pack 1 or above

Pond Dewatering Example, Metric Units: Study the effect of placing pipes to dewater ponds and transfer water through a series of ponds at lower elevations. Learn about the 3D design environment and the many visual effects that inform and guide design: outlining drainage areas, displaying ponding levels, draining ponds by placement of pipes, automated pipe sizing, moving pipes and editing pipe diameters.

Culvert Placement under Roads and Embankments, English Units: Compare peak flows and water volumes by SCS and Rational methods for different storm events. Study different storm event scenarios. Place and size pipes for drainage with selectable headwall treatments minimizing pipe lengths. Learn how to output PDF reports and send results back to CAD for deliverables including fully annotated pipes with headwalls.


Lidar surface & watersheds



P3D Hydro – Sample Report



P3D Hydro – Sample Report



P3D solid modeling



P3D culvert drain to pond



Culvert inlet



Culvert endwall



Carlson P3D visualization


Price: $1500

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