Carlson Improvements 2013

2013 Improvements for Survey, Civil/Hydrology, GIS, Takeoff, Mining, Natural Regrade, PointCloud

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Top 2013 Highlights

  1. Ribbons – Added new ribbon interface for supported CAD products that also support a ribbon interface along with many new toolbars.
  2. SQLite – Added support for SQLite for coordinate files, drillholes and GIS.
  3. Report Viewer – New output method from Report Formatter for formatted fields and table layout.
  4. Twist to 3D View – New command to rotate points, symbols and text to face the current 3D viewpoint.
  5. Google Earth – Support for points and import of KML.
  6. Tree Surveys – New Field-to-Finish coding methods plus tree reports and tables.
  7. Cut Sheets – New spreadsheet interface, import from SurvCE and plan view labeling methods.
  8. Dynamic Point Elevations – Added method to link point elevations to reference surface or 3D polylines.
  9. Wall Polyline Profiles – New command to define 3D wall for surface modeling by top and bottom profiles.
  10. Lateral Design – New lateral structure types for sewer network plus lateral reporting and profiles.
  11. Create Image From Drawing – New command to create a georeferenced image from the drawing entities.
  12. Geology Data Management – New database format, new lookup tables, upgraded editor, selection by filter.
  13. Range Diagram Calculator – New command to design cut/place for dragline with graphics and reports.
  14. Fence Diagram – Support for angled drillholes.
  15. IntelliCAD 7.2 – Improved performance and stability. Support for MrSid and JPG 2000 images.


  • AutoCAD 2013 – Added support for this new version.
  • IntelliCAD 7.2 – Improved performance and stability. Support for MrSid and JPG 2000 images.
  • Ribbons – New ribbon user-interface with ribbons for General, Survey, Civil and Takeoff.
  • Toolbars – Added 173 new toolbar icons plus many updated icons.
  • Report Viewer – New output method from Report Formatter for formatted fields and table layout.
  • Symbol Library – Added 22 new symbols.
  • Linetypes – Added 9 new linetypes.
  • Hatch – Added 30 new hatch patterns.
  • Barscale – Added two new barscale styles.
  • Twist to 3D View – New command to rotate points, symbols and text to face the current 3D viewpoint.
  • Draw Box Around Text – Added settings for gap offset and whether to round corners.
  • Draw Item – Added support for using point #’s from the current coordinate file and for creating 3D polylines.
  • Freeze Layer By Pick – New command to pick individual entity on layer to freeze.
  • Erase By Layer – Added functions to save and load layer selections.
  • Export Google Earth – Added ability to export point entities. Added support for layer and color attributes. Added support to create kmz files as well as kml.
  • Import Google Earth – New command to import points and linework from kml file. [Back to Top]

Survey Commands

  • CRDB – New coordinate file format built on SQLite database for better performance than MDB.
  • Search Published Control – New command to lookup points from NGS geodetic control database.
  • Edit-Process Raw File – Added method to display only selected point range and hide the rest.
  • Field-To-Finish – Many new coding methods for tree surveys including coding by description sequence, by GIS attribute or by user-defined special characters. Also added method to draw circle for drip radius, method to draw circle for truck radius and method to draw polyline for treeline perimeter. Added function to generate tree table and reports based on tree coding in the point descriptions. For general point reports, added option to use the report formatter and include fields for the dwg description and code full name. For GIS labeling, added settings for decimal places and custom symbol attributes as reals. Also for GIS processing, added support for using GIS attribute for special codes such as horizontal offset. For ROT special code, added method to rotate by description using companion codes.
  • Edit-Multiple Point Attributes – New user-interface with tabbed dialog. Added method to change attribute colors. Added ability to toggle visibility of attributes.
  • Edit-Process Deed File – Added method to use label precision for calculating closure.
  • Twist Screen Surveyor – Added option to use grid mapping angle.
  • Inverse – Added option to report distances as delta north-south-east-west. Added option to report lat/lon. Added option whether to report coordinates.
  • Draw Locate Points – Added method to create points by entering lat/lon.
  • Bearing/Bearing Intersect – Added support for geodetic bearings.
  • Distance Between Entities – Added average distance to the report.
  • Map Check By Screen Entities – Added options whether to auto-select entities and set max offset.
  • Best-Fit Point – New command to average points and report statistics.
  • Cut Sheets – New spreadsheet interface, import from SurvCE and plan view labeling methods.
  • Lot File Manager – Added function to hatch lots.
  • Angle/Distance Annotation – Added settings for bearing quadrant labels. Added control for arrow size for end point leaders. Added separate settings for justification of angle and distance labels. Added option for prefix for distance labels.
  • North Arrows – Added ability to add custom north arrow symbols.
  • Label Coordinates – Added style for labels along X/Y axis.
  • Label Lat/Lon – Added real-time display of lat/lon while picking points to label.
  • Area Labels – Added option to use grid to ground conversion to label geodetic areas.
  • Geodetic Single Proportion – New command to split line by proportion between record part and total distances.
  • Geodetic Double Break – New command to break two intersecting lines based on mean bearing.
  • Geodetic Middle Break – New command splits line to make lines with same geodetic length and mean bearing.
  • Grant Boundary Adjustment – New command to apply Grant boundary adjustment on closed polylines.[Back to Top]

Civil Commands

  • Centerlines – Added support for non-tangent spirals.
  • Station Polyline/Centerline – Added settings for deflection angle precision. For polylines on a profile grid, added setting for vertical exaggeration.
  • Label Station Offset – Added option for arrow on leader.
  • Draw Profile – Added method to label linework that crosses reference centerline. In options dialog, added screen pick method for dimensions like plan view window size. Added option for output to DWG to have separate DWG for each layout. In metric mode, added unit setting for pipe size labels as m, cm or mm. For horizontal axis labels, added settings for prefix/suffix on elevation labels. Also for horizontal axis elevations, added option to draw tick and option for separate interval along curves. For sewer labels, added control for vertical shift of labels with leaders, added method to place manhole label as offset from rim, and added controls for different combos of pipe length and slope labels. For sheets, new setting for whether to label sheet #. Added option for separate rows to crossing labels with vertical lines.
  • Profile Report – Added support for reporting elevations and cut/fill for any number of profiles at once.
  • Draw Sections – Added option to hatch cut/fill end areas. In metric mode, added unit setting for pipe size labels as m, cm or mm. For sheet output, added option for all in same layout or separate layout for each sheet.
  • Label Profile On Centerline – Added method to label at station interval.
  • Calculate Section Volumes – Added support for cut/fill gap stations.
  • Lock Sections – Added method in Input-Edit Section File to lock sections to prevent changes by any routines.
  • Input-Edit Section File – Added display of end areas when editing two section files.
  • Mass Haul Analysis – Added average haul distance per range to report. Added support for cut/fill gap stations.
  • Template Transition – Added report function.
  • Template Point Profile – Added report function.
  • Template Point Centerline – Added report function.
  • Road Network – Added cut/fill gap stations per road. In Show Sections review, added method to go to specific station. Added setting for transition distance from template ID at intersections. For report, added option to use report formatter.
  • Draw Spot Elevations – Added option for vertical offset and option to label a second elevation. Added method to use 3D polylines for elevation reference and added option to link labels to the reference polylines.
  • Set Point Elevations By 3D Polylines – Added option to link elevations to reference polylines.
  • Set Point Elevations By Surface Model – Added option to link elevations to surface model.
  • Cut/Fill Grid Map – New command to label cut/fill quantities at a grid interval.
  • Elevate Text – New command to set elevation of text entities by values in the text labels.
  • Edit Wall Polyline Profiles – New command to define 3D wall for surface modeling by top and bottom profiles.
  • Triangulate & Contour – Added option to control number of digits in elevation labels and put comma in labels for values in thousands.
  • Contour Elevation Label – Added options to label ends of contour lines and to align labels facing uphill.
  • Draw Contour Gradient Marks – New command to draw tick marks along contour to show slope direction.
  • Cut/Fill Slopes Lines – Added options to hatch slope areas and to use different slope symbols.
  • Draw Surface Boundary – Option to label polyline perimeter with user-specified text at an interval.
  • Triangulation Surface Volumes – Added ability to report staging volumes.[Back to Top]

Hydrology Commands

  • Design Bench Pond – Added option for sloped pond bottom.
  • Design Valley Pond – Updated user-interface with new options dialog.
  • Sewer Network – Added method for headwall with skew rotation.
  • Lateral Design – New lateral structure types for sewer network plus reporting and profiles.
  • Plan View Labels – Added label options for deflection angle, structure description, northing and easting values. Added option to add pipe material to invert-out label. Added setting for separate layer for outside line of dashed thick linetype.
  • Sewer Spreadsheet Editor – Made dialog resizable.
  • Pipe Profile Label – New command to label bottom or top of pipe elevations at picked locations.
  • Library Files – Added default libraries for pipe and rainfall for North Carolina and Kentucky standards. [Back to Top]

GIS Commands

  • Create Image From Drawing – New command to create a georeferenced image from the drawing entities.
  • Esri ArcGIS Services – Added support for server 10.x.
  • SQLite – Added support for SQLite databases in addition to MDB and ESRI MSC [Back to Top]

Point Cloud Commands

  • Snap Modes – Added new snap modes for top of slopes and bottom of slope. [Back to Top]

Geology Commands

  • CDB – New drillhole database format built on SQLite for better performance than MDB.
  • Define Drillhole – New user-interface with spreadsheets. Added method to restrict strata/bed/attribute names to pre-defined lists.
  • Define Lookup Database – New command to define drillhole and custom attribute tables.
  • Edit Drillhole – New user interface with spreadsheet. New functions to lookup strata and bed names from pre-defined lists. Added options to color strata by strata definition or by grade parameters.
  • Drillhole Data Sheet – Added function to run Edit Drillhole for selected drillhole.
  • Drillhole Core Images – New command assign core images to depth ranges of drillhole.
  • Drillhole Text Formatter – Added method to set text rotation per text field. Added option to create mtext.
  • Select Drillholes By Filter – New command to build selection of drillhole by parameter filters.
  • Auto-Run Isopach Maps – Added setting for whether to extrapolate models from grid files.
  • Fence Diagram – Added support for angled drillholes and drawing multiple additional surfaces.
  • Quick Geologic Column – New command to show selected drillholes in section view.
  • Geologic Column – Added options to draw mtext labels and to create a block of the geologic column entities. Added setting to control offset amount between columns.
  • Define Grade Parameters – Added support for up to 50 attributes to define grades.
  • Grid File Utilities – Scripts allow a custom message for file selection and perimeter selection prompts. [Back to Top]

Surface/Underground Mining Commands

  • Range Diagram – New command to design cut/place for dragline with dynamic graphics and reports.
  • Design Bench Pit – Added support for using TINs as surface model in addition to grids. Added setting for minimum bench height. Added method to process multiple pits by using Timing file (TIM ) for sequencing.
  • Quantities By Grid Method – Added options to set grid resolution and choose modeling method.
  • Recalculate Extraction – Added additional layer capture ability: entry width and attribute group.
  • Assign Timing Grids – Added auto-run method to make assignments.
  • Surface History – Added support for TINs in addition to grid surfaces.
  • Hatch Pits – New command to hatch pit polylines.
  • Surface Equipment Timing – Added method to assign block sequence by rules. In 3D pit scheduling, added real-time display of selected quantities and qualities. Also, in 3D pick window, added time slider and scheduling information. Weight qualities by volume instead of area. Added ability to define precedence rules as formulas to be applied automatically based on custom naming strategy. Timing window has new function to adjust sorting of unassigned pit/panels so that precedence is satisfied. Added ability to define how attributes are weighted by another attribute. Pit attribute data is moved to the extension dictionary to allow for more attributes to be assigned.
  • Underground Equipment Timing – Additional option for the timing events to affect only secondary units and not the unit encountering the event.
  • Spoil Placement Timing – Added swell factor and added time available to place volumes. [Back to Top]

Natural Regrade Improvements

  • Create Vegetation Scene – New command to create vegetation symbols with specified size and density within polylines by layer. [Back to Top]

TakeOff Commands

  • Drawing Cleanup – Added method to rename layers with wildcard characters in names.
  • Cut/Fill Color Map – Added two more coloring schemes.
  • Report Subgrade Areas – New command to report areas by subgrade type.
  • Make Surfaces – Added option to minimize flat triangles.
  • Make Existing Surface – Added drillhole surface elevations into surface model.
  • 3D Drive Simulation – Added display of current coordinates and option for reference CL for station-offset.
  • Trace Polyline – Added options to set polyline elevation, smooth polyline and continue from existing polyline. [Back to Top]

Data Conversions

  • ESRI – Added function to export ESRI grid surfaces from Grid File Utilities.
  • Geoids – Added three Bayern geoids and GCG05-KUESTE geoid for Germany, Romanian geoid, Papua New Guinea geoid, Slovenia geoid, Croatian HRG2009 geoid and TRST geoid.
  • Horizon – Added import for Horizon raw data.
  • Minex – Added import for Minex grids in Grid File Utilities.
  • Vulcan – Added imports for Vulcan grids and Vulcan block models. [Back to Top]