Carlson Improvements 2012

2012 Improvements for Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Takeoff, Mining, Natural Regrade, PointCloud

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Top 2012 Highlights

  1. Report Formatter – New controls for report header/footer and text properties.
  2. GONS Support – Added support for angles in gons for many routines.
  3. Coordinate Systems – Added support for many new projections including SurvCE CSL support.
  4. 3D Symbols – New 3D symbols in library and 3D support in Field-to-Finish, Point Clouds and Viewer Window.
  5. ESRI Map Services – Bring in images from ESRI Map Servers.
  6. Link Profile to Sewer Design – Edits to the profile can update the sewer network model.
  7. Raster Editor – New set of tools to convert raster images to vector drawings.
  8. Design Bench Pit – Support for haul road and method to assign slope group selections.
  9. Haul Cycle Analysis – Calculate cycle time, fleet size and production rates based on truck and road parameters.
  10. Spoil Timing – New set of commands for timing spoil placement.
  11. Point Clouds – 3D feature symbols and grid surface creation.
  12. IntelliCAD 7.1
    NOTE: The IntelliCAD 7.1 that comes with Carlson 2012 is still in beta mode and is included for reviewing and testing. We are waiting for several more fixes from the IntelliCAD Consortium before calling it a release. The 7.1 version is included instead of 7.0 because 7.1 already has several important fixes. We expect to release a new build of Carlson 2012 with a release version of IntelliCAD 7.1 in a few months. In the meantime, IntelliCAD 6.6 is also included with Carlson 2012.


  • AutoCAD 2012 – Added support for this new version.
  • IntelliCAD 7 – Improved performance and stability.
  • Toolbars – Added 16 new toolbar icons.
  • Data Depot – Added XREF support. Added option to unlock checked in drawing at close time. Added unique icon for files that are newer on the server than local copy. Added Purge Local Copies function per drawing. Added Clean INI file function to remove missing files. For ProjectWise, added ability to deal with the ProjectWise caching server.
  • Field Text – Added separate fields for drawing path, drawing name, time, project name and job number. Added support for running with IntelliCAD.
  • Translate Layers – New command to rename layers by user-defined lookup table.
  • Select By Block– New command to build a selection set using a block name filter.
  • Scale Wizard – Added option for whether to scale in 2D or 3D.
  • Join Nearest – Added filter to match polyline widths.
  • Coordinate Systems – Added support for user-defined coordinate systems in Drawing Setup. Added support for 14 more projection methods, hundreds more pre-defined projection definitions and added 11 more built-in ellipsoid definitions. Added support for SurvCE CSL and ESRI PRJ projection definitions.
  • 3D Viewer Window – Added support for showing 3D symbols. Added ability to show realistic sky background and ground textures.
  • Symbol Library – Added 86 new 3D symbols for trees, people, vehicles and utilities.
  • Settings Explorer– Only shows the settings for currently licensed modules instead of everything.
  • Report Header – Added option to set project name and job number to use in header for reports.
  • Report Formatter – New controls for report header/footer and text style properties per field.
  • GONS Support – Added support for angles in gons in many routines. [Back to Top]

Survey Commands

  • Geoids – Improved delivery of geoid models with addition of automatic download from web server when a geoid is referenced for the first time. Added Geoid Manager function to Data Collection to carve out a portion for uploading to SurvCE.
  • Export Text/ASCII File – Added filter methods of within inclusion perimeter polyline, by coordinate window or center within radius.
  • SurvNET – Added ability to report both grid and ground coordinates.
  • Draw Locate Point – For polyline filter, added support for both inclusion and exclusion perimeters.
  • Field-to-Finish – Added option for two different symbols with different sizes. For size special code SZ, added method to scale symbol x,y separately from z. Also added method to scale symbol z by another shot. Plus added SZ code method as a scaler size instead of absolute size.
  • Edit-Process Raw File – Added method in Modify Measurements to adjust latitude/longitude/z of GPS records.
  • Enter Deed Description – Upgraded to use Auto-Annotate for labeling with full set of controls including ability to link labels to the linework. Added option to choose Tangent for line segment after a curve to save having to enter the line bearing. Added option to enter angles as angle rights or deflections. For RW5 output, added ability to append to the RW5 and include the deed name as a note.
  • Process Deed File– For Draw function, added option to label angles and distances in addition to drawing geometry. Added function to copy a deed.
  • Inverse – Added option to report mean bearing.
  • Label Station-Offset – Brought back feature to add offset description to existing point descriptions.
  • Offset Point Entry – Added support for custom field order for import from file, and support for importing a point description.
  • Station Polyline/Centerline – Added option for separate station intervals along curves.
  • Cut Sheet – For points method, added option to match points by description field and added description field filters for station and offset data.
  • Right of Way Crossing Table – New command to create table of ROW distances and lot data for polyline crossing through lots.
  • Sliding Side Area – Added method to set angle for new edge by two reference points, by entered angle or by reference line.
  • Survey Text Defaults – Added setting for decimal places to match current drawing precision.
  • Stack Label Arc – Added option to center justify labels and option for delta symbol.
  • Label Angles – Added support for labeling mean bearings.
  • Label Coordinates– Added setting for the text style.
  • Line/Curve Table Defaults – Added setting to control row height. Added functions to save/load settings to a file. Added support for Switch Bearing Quadrant to work with Table Entity style tables. Added support for using an alphanumeric string for the tag label.
  • Split Table – New command to split a table entity style line or curve table into two tables.
  • Merge Table – New command to combine two table entity style line or curve tables into a single table.
  • Edit Table Values – New command for table entity style line or curve tables to edit table data in a spreadsheet.
  • Line Types – Added new double parallel continuous line type.[Back to Top]

Civil Commands

  • Triangulate & Contour– Added option to filter selection set by the inclusion/exclusion perimeters.
  • Points By Slope– Added method to set slope by two points.
  • Design Pad Template– Added options to force cut slopes in fill conditions and likewise to force fill slopes in cut conditions.
  • Cut/Fill Centroids – Added option to use inclusion/exclusion perimeters.
  • Cut/Fill Slope Lines– New command to label cut/fill slope lines with slope direction arrows.
  • Quick Draw Surface – New command to draw a triangulation surface with temporary graphics.
  • Surface 3D Flyover – Added five more 3D vehicles.
  • Slope Zone Analysis – Added option to use Report Formatter.
  • Elevation Zone Analysis – Added option to use Report Formatter.
  • Vehicle Path Tracking – Added support for vehicles with hinge points. Added save/load vehicle dimensions to a file.
  • Polyline to Centerline File – Added display of direction of polyline with option to reverse.
  • Best-Fit Profile – Added method to specify starting or ending elevations for matching onto existing road.
  • Draw Profile – Added ten new fields to the horizontal label box including vertical curve/slope and horizontal curve data, plus added more formatting options. Added setting for separate layer for flow arrows. Added option for text whether double-click edits text or profile settings. Added option to label sewer data in individual data tables. For drawing pipe crossings from sewer networks, added method to selected which networks to process from the drawing.
  • Design Template – For median elements, added support for dynamics on each median edge such as controlling height by a template point profile.
  • Template Grade Table – Added method to match surface with delta slope from a variable target slope such as a super elevation target. Added function to import from super elevation.
  • Road Network – For intersections, added option for second hinge point on side profiles. Added support for a rock surface for special rock cut slope and quantities.
  • Draw Section File – Added settings for station text layer, style, prefix and suffix. Added prefix and suffix settings to label elevation at zero offset. Added option to label offsets at top of grid. Added separate text sizes for offset and elevation grid labels.
  • Calculate Section Volumes – Added option to breakout quantities by staging. Added report of horizontal and slope areas.
  • Calculate End Area – Added option to calculate another end area for unsuitable material.
  • Edit-Process End Area File – Added support for tracking and reporting unsuitable material. [Back to Top]

Hydrology Commands

  • Drop Pipe Spillway Design – Added support for rectangular risers.
  • Advanced Weir Design – Added dynamic graphic preview of weir dimensions.
  • Input-Edit Stage-Storage/Discharge – Added option for Report Formatter for custom reports and Excel output.
  • Sewer Network Libraries – Added ability for user-defined custom fields to add to pipe, structure and inlet libraries. These custom fields are used in Report Sewer Network.
  • Sewer Network Symbols – Added optional 3D symbol for structures for drawing model in 3D.
  • Draw Sewer Network Plan View – Added option to label only structures with assigned ID’s intended for clearing up utility network plans.
  • Draw Sewer Network Profile – Added method to link edits to profile back to sewer network model. Added option to label inlet type.
  • Collision Conflicts Check – Added method to check 3D polylines with assigned pipe data. Added amount of overlap for any conflicts to the report. Added checking of pipes within same network. [Back to Top]

GIS Commands

  • GIS Query/Report – Added method to edit the records that match the query.
  • Place ESRI Map Service Image – New command insert an image from an ESRI ArcGIS Map Server.
  • Place Google Earth Image – Added support for running on x64 computers.
  • Snap Linework to Points – New command to snap linework vertices to points with tolerances.
  • Write ESRI Projection File – New command to create an ESRI PRJ file.[Back to Top]

Point Cloud Commands

  • Large Coordinates – Added support for cloud with large coordinate values.
  • 3D Cylinders – Added feature extraction for 3D cylinders.
  • 3D Symbols – Added new Field-to-Finish code for sizing 3D symbols.
  • LAS Export – New function to export a .LAS format point cloud.
  • Import Grid – Added method to import grid data.
  • Create Grid – New function to create a .grd surface model. [Back to Top]

Geology Commands

  • Edit Drillhole– When a series of strata are highlighted in the list, the summary of thickness, top/bottom z and depth are displayed.
  • Draw Drillhole Text – Added option to create text at elevation instead of zero.
  • Strata Polylines – Added option to set polyline reference as top elevation of strata.
  • Calculate Fault Shift – New command to assign fault shifts along polyline using strata model.
  • Input-Edit Strike/Dip Symbols – New command to place, edit, report and import strike/dip symbols.
  • Fence Diagram– Added option to set elevation range to draw. Added settings for prefix and suffix for layers and separate layer for additional surface. Added option for pit markers to draw from grid bottom to strata bottom.
  • Voronoi Diagram – Added option to use drillhole instead of specific strata value.
  • Make Block Model – For inverse distance mode, added method for elliptical factor with strike and dip angle.
  • Label Block Model – New command to draw labels of grade ranges at the block model interval in plan view.
  • Surface Mine Reserves – Added option to output spoil data file of waste and/or key volumes for spoil timing. [Back to Top]

Surface/Underground Mining Commands

  • Grid Inspector– Switched to spreadsheet interface for defining grid files with support for more surfaces.
  • Import Pit Points – New command to create pit polylines by pit name and point data in text file.
  • Remove Empty Benches – Added support for checking pit quantities defined by grids.
  • Design Bench Pit– Added support for creating a haul road with the pit design. Added option for separate layers for linework per bench.
  • Tag Slope Groups– New command to place symbols on pit perimeter segments to assign slope group selection for Design Bench Pit.
  • Assign Panel Attributes – New command to assign attributes to multiple panels at a time.
  • Cut Only – Added option to make cut for non-key such as prestrip in addition to key removal.
  • 3D Pick: Surface Equipment Timing– Added method for multiple selections by crossing between two picked blocks. Added option to ignore zero entities in the view. Added save/load bench color settings to a file.
  • 3D Pick: Underground Timing – Changes colors as blocks are selected for visual feedback.
  • Surface Equipment Timing – Added support for an unlimited number of output period grids. Added option to output spoil data file of waste and/or key volumes for spoil timing. Added method to split mining blocks into separate key only and non-key only blocks.
  • Haul Road Manager – New command to set road parameters on 3D polylines for  resistance and speed limit.
  • Haul Fleet Manager – New command to setup truck parameters including performance, capacity and timing.
  • Haul Cycle Analysis– New command to calculate and report cycle time, fleet size and production rates.
  • Design Spoil Pile – Added method for cone from point for specified volume or height.
  • Assign Spoil Names – New command to assign spoil name to perimeter polyline.
  • Spoil By Interior Point – New command to create spoil polyline by picking inside area bounded by linework.
  • Spoil Layout By Width – New command to create spoil polylines at specified width inside boundary.
  • Find Spoil Name – New command to zoom to and highlight spoil polyline with specified name.
  • Label Spoil Names – New command to label the spoil and site names of spoil polylines.
  • Remove Spoil Names – New command to untag spoil data from a polyline.
  • Clear Spoil Volumes – New command to remove spoil quantities from selected spoil polylines.
  • Merge Spoils – New command to combine two spoil polylines into combined polyline.
  • Spoil Directions – Set of  four new command to manage spoiling direction within polylines.
  • Calculate Spoil Volumes – New command to assign spoil volumes to polylines for specified surfaces.
  • Edit Spoil Volumes – New command to edit spoil quantities assigned to spoil polylines.
  • Edit Spoil Source – New command to edit spoil source data file with quantities from cuts.
  • Spoil Placement Timing – New command to sequence placement of spoil given cuts and haul fleets. [Back to Top]

Natural Regrade Improvements

  • Create Vegetation Scene – New command to create vegetation symbols with specified size and density within polylines by layer. [Back to Top]

TakeOff Commands

  • Digitize Cross Sections – Added method to highlight digitized sections on drawing instead of preview window.
  • Digitize End Areas – Added support for on-screen mouse mode.
  • 3D Drive Simulation – Added ability to show realistic sky background and ground textures.
  • Set Raster Image – New command to set the image to process.
  • Trace Line – New command to create line by following raster pixels.
  • Trace Polyline – New command to create polyline by following raster pixels.
  • Raster Node Snap – New command to snap a picked point to the nearest of the underlying raster pixels.
  • Raster Endpoint Snap – New command to snap a picked point to the end of the underlying raster pixels.
  • Cut Image – New command to erase raster pixels within a perimeter.
  • Crop Image – New command to erase raster pixels outside a perimeter.
  • Remove Speckles – New command to clean up noise by removing speckles in the image.
  • Undo Raster Edit – New command to undo the last change to the image file.
  • Merge Raster Files – New command to combine two raster files into single image by pair of control points.
  • Erase Raster By Closed Polyline – New command to erase pixels within perimeter polylines. [Back to Top]

Data Conversions

  • AUS09 – Added support for this geoid.
  • EGM08– Added support for this geoid across world.
  • OCRS – Added support for Oregon zone projections.
  • US County Projections – Added support for MN and WI county projections. [Back to Top]