Carlson Improvements 2011

2011 Improvements for Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Takeoff, Mining, PointCloud

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Top 2011 Highlights

  1. Field-to-Finish – Create GIS links from GIS data and draw selected GIS attributes.
  2. Edit Contours – New ability to update the underlying tin surface to match the modified contours.
  3. Draw Profile – Previews of settings within dialog and retains custom edits of labels.
  4. Road Rehabilitation – New commands for overlay with milling and leveling.
  5. Vehicle Path Tracking – New command to trace wheel paths for vehicle dimensions along centerline.
  6. Sewer Network – Added support for multiple pipes and separate inlet positions.
  7. Sewer Design in Profile – Redesigned sewer spreadsheet editor for working in profile view.
  8. Esri MSC – Added support for using Esri Map Standards for CAD in GIS module.
  9. Design Bench Pit – New offset method to handle interior corners plus other improvements.
  10. Surface Mine Reserves – New auto-run method to process multiple benches in batch.
  11. Point Clouds – Bare earth filter, curb extraction and feature extration.
  12. IntelliCAD 7 – Improved speed and features like docked properties editor and irregular viewports.


  • Report Formatter – Added option to round numbers up to the nearest integer level such as earthwork volumes
    to the nearest 1,000. Added options for a new row after a specified field, to mirror table output and whether to
    display header.
  • Data Depot – Added user management with file permission controls. Added project status and history reports
    through Project Explorer.
  • Get Project from Data Depot – New command to download selected files from a project.
  • Remove Arcs – Added method to control chord spacing by chord length.
  • Angle Info – Added deflection angle to the report.
  • Calculator – New command with standard, scientific and conversion calculators.
  • Layer Library – Added Plot/No Plot field, Match DWG method to update library and create layers by category.
  • Symbol Library – Added 64 new point symbols.
  • Draw 2D/3D Polyline – Added settings for width, linetype and color, plus method to get settings by Field-to-
    Finish code lookup.
  • Draw Symbol – Added method to set symbol by Field-to-Finish code lookup. Added option whether to prompt
    for any block attributes for the symbol.
  • Draw Arc Reverse/Compound – Added ability for picking an arc in a polyline.
  • Move Text with Leader – New command to move existing text and create leader as same time.
  • Change Block Substitute – Added option to change layer.
  • Highlight Non-Perpendicular Intersections – New command to check that lines are perpendicular such as for
    lot lines with a ROW.
  • Offset 3D Polyline – Added method for slope projection perpendicular to slope direction.
  • Scale 2D – Added method to screen pick to points to get a reference distance and then enter target distance to set
    the scale factor.
  • 3D Viewer Window – Added functions to add and remove surfaces to the scene and control their colors. Added
    ability to view text entities. Added method to enter or pick coordinates for camera and view target positions. For
    color by elevation, added settings for color palette. Added option for whether to show edges for triangle surfaces
    when shaded. Added option to lock rotation for each axis to avoid tilting. Added zoom previous function.
    Improved memory structure to allow viewing large block models. Also improved memory structure for loading
    larger triangulation and grid surfaces.
  • Selection Set By Length – New command to build a selection set of linework by a length range filter.
  • Patch Status Report – New utility to report software version installed on all company computers. [Back to Top]

Survey Commands

  • Inverse – Added option to report total distance. Added option to report both horizontal and slope distances at the
    same time.
  • Import Text/ASCII File – Added option to store to the current coordinate file or to prompt for another file.
  • Edit Process Raw File – For report function, added option to report selected lines.
  • Field To Finish – Added method to create GIS data links from GIS and selected Field-to-Finish attributes. For
    drawing point attributes as text, added separate style settings per attribute. Added method to choose selected
    Note fields to label with controls of the label settings. For custom attribute blocks, added method to use point
    parameters and selected Note fields and added support for an unlimited number of attributes. Added 13 sets of
    default special codes for different standards and programs. Added controls to draw points within a closed
    polyline, distance from reference point or coordinate range. Added ability to label a description along linework.
    Added import from GIS Feature definitions into Field to Finish codes.
  • Field To Finish Inspector – Added report function using report formatter.
  • Enter Deed Description – Added option to choose Tangent for line segment after a curve. Added option to enter
    angles as angle rights or deflections. For RW5 output, added ability to append to the RW5 and include the deed
    name as a note.
  • Polyline To Deed File – New command to create a deed file from the geometry of a polyline.
  • Process Deed File – Added latitude/longitude, tangent-in, tangent-out and departure fields to the report function.
  • Legal Description Writer – Added option to apply a scale factor such as for going from grid to ground. Added
    reporting for spiral curves.
  • Coordinate Transformation – Added option to use a best-fit level plane for the elevation adjustments.
  • Best Fit Curve – Added residual report with option to add and remove points to process.
  • Best-Fit Centerline – New command to create a least-squares best-fit horizontal alignment with curves and
    tangents from points.
  • Tangent Line From Circles – Added method to select entities and option to draw points.
  • Create Points From Entities – Added option whether to draw the points or only store to coordinate file.
  • Distance Between Two Entities – New command to report the min and max distances between two entities.
  • Lot Report – Added latitude/longitude fields.
  • Endpoint Leader Annotation – Added separate offset scaler setting for height of the leader.
  • Distance Bearing with Leader – New command to label distance over bearing with a leader.
  • Label Coordinates – Added option to label in feet and inches. Added functions to save and load the settings.
  • Label Angle – Added option to label deflection angle.
  • Draw Legend – Added support for text items and added report function.
  • Draw Noth Arrow – Added four more arrows to the symbol library. [Back to Top]

Civil Commands

  • Contour Smoothing – Improved smoothing for cases of smoothing causing crossings with neighboring contours by scaling back smoothing at crossing while retaining full smoothing on rest of the contours.
  • Triangulate & Contour – Added new option to minimize flat triangles for modeling from contours. Added option to apply a shrinkwrap perimeter reduction. Added offset scaler setting to size the box around the contour label.
  • Edit Contours – Added ability to update the underlying tin surface to match the modified contours.
  • Move Contour Label – Added function to copy the label.
  • Quick Contours – New command to draw temporary contours in a single step.
  • Centerline Report – Added method for using the report formatter. Added spiral angle and point descriptions.
  • Input Edit Centerline – Added function to rotate the centerline. Added setting for either roadway or railroad curves. Added degree of curve field for curve definitions. New option to zoom drawing to centerline during edits. For spiral design, added methods to define by delta (sweep) angle, by end point coordinates, by min/max radius or by chord. Added option to edit and preview right-of-way alignments associated with centerline.
  • Design Centerline – Added setting for curve as either roadway or railroad.
  • Draw Centerline – Added option to label centerline when it is drawn.
  • Station Polyline/Centerline – Added method to use a reference polyline for offsets when creating points. Added settings for intermediate and odd ticks as full or half size.
  • Vehicle Path Tracking – New command to trace wheel paths for vehicle dimensions along centerline.
  • Follow TIN Edges – New command to convert a polyline to 3D by following triangulation edges.
  • Extend To Elevation – New command to extend the end segment of a 3D polyline to an elevation.
  • Draw Spot Elevations – Added functions to save and load the settings.
  • Label Polyline High/Low Points – Added option to label end points.
  • Cut/Fill Labels – Added option to label in feet and inches.
  • Design Bench Pond – Added adjustment method to size pond for specified storage volume. Added option to enter slope in degrees.
  • Design Pad Template – Added option to enter slope in degrees.
  • Elevate Pads By Grade Rules – Added option to keep original polylines and put elevated polyline in new layer.
  • Design Template – Added option to show superelevation in the graphic preview. Added a screen pick option to set the distance and slope for grades, ditches, berms and cut/fill slopes. New setting to control name for “TIE” section description. For medians, add up/down order functions and method to create median by picking a polyline.
  • Template Grade Table – Added function to match slopes to segment of existing sections. Added imports from text file and from super elevation graphic diagram.
  • Template ID Library – New command to define a list of template ID’s for reference in other commands.
  • Input Edit Template Series – Added function to create a template series from a section file that has descriptions on each point.
  • Input Edit Super Elevation – Added support for transition curve distances.
  • Super Elevation Diagram – Added option to automatically update diagram when the diagram file changes. Added method to draw axis of rotation. Added method to select which grade ID to draw. Added options to label runoff lengths and to label non-linear transition points. Added support for station equations.
  • Road Rehabilitation Profile – New command to create profile for specified overlay with milling or leveling.
  • Road Design Parameters – Added parameters for min profile slope, min vertical curve, min horizontal curve radius per degreee of curve, max super elevation per curve radius, max superelevation rate of change, check for flat areas and check for tangential centerline.
  • ROW Output – Both RoadNet and Process Road Design will output ROW data to existing sections output when the input data has ROW information.
  • Road Network – Added option to automatically update when any design element is modified. Added option to use a template grade table on intersection grades. Added option to output super elevation diagrams.
  • Process Road Design – Added method to report strata cut quantities using strata surfaces defined by Takeoff. Added option for cumulative cut/fill report.
  • Process Design Sections – New command to process design sections to calculate volumes and output surfaces.
  • Input Edit Profile – Added method to set station by elevation and grade from a point. Added function to calculate PVI by grade line intersections.
  • Profile From 3D Polyline – Added ability to select multiple 3D polylines and put them into the same profile.
  • Best Fit Profile – New command to create a least-squares best-fit profile with tangents and vertical curves.
  • Profile Report – Added option for min/max and cut/fill between two profiles.
  • Draw Profile – Added graphic previews in settings dialog to show how labels will look. When redrawing profiles, the program retains any custom edits to label and leader positions. For road labels, added option whether to draw grade arrow dimension and added separate prefix and suffix labels for slope in and out. For break point station and elevations, added option to label beginning and ending stations plus made including break points a separate toggle. For crossing labels, added option to use a vertical line, label on the bottom of the grid and have separate symbols for circular and box pipes. For the profile grid, added an option to draw the grid lines under the elevation labels. New option for user-defined stations to label. Added option to suffix layer names with profile name in addition to prefix. Added method to specify user-defined stations for break point labels. For horizontal label box, added option for custom location, and option whether to draw box lines and added separate elevation label controls for each profile, plus option to include profile name in labels and option for combined elevation labels for interval and break point stations. For profile sheets, added support for blocks with attributes to fill out. For pipe crossings, added options to label system name, to show the pipe thickness and to hatch the pipe thickness. For slope labels, added option to use ratio format. For base of manhole, added options to match pipe thickness and to draw as outline or solid.
  • Draw Plan View Sheets – New command to create layouts of plan view sheets along a centerline.
  • Adjust Draw Profile Settings – New command to pick an existing profile, edit any labeling settings and redraw.
  • Double Click Profile Settings – Double-clicking a profile label allows you to edit the label settings and redraw.
  • Input Edit Section Alignment – Added support for having exclusion areas within sections.
  • Input Edit Section File – Added function to add subgrades to sections. Added function to rename stations.
  • Create Sections From Triangulation Surface – Added option to link sections to surface for updating when surface changes.
  • Offset & Elevation Label – Added settings for prefix, suffix and decimals for each label.
  • Move Section Leader Labels – New command to custom position section labels together with leaders.
  • Slope Stake Report – New command to report distance and slopes between section grade points from catch.
  • Draw Section – When redrawing sections, the program retains any custom edits to label and leader positions. Added controls for sequence of break point labels. Added new break point label type of offset distance from reference point. For drawing sheets, added support for block with attributes and settings to fill them out.
  • Calculate Section Volumes – Added option to output an end area file. Added option for cumulative cut/fill.
  • Calculate End Areas – For interior point method, program highlights completed areas.
  • Cut/Fill Width Analysis – Added option to use report formatter. Added report for tie offsets and elevations.
  • Draw Mass Diagram – New command to draw a mass diagram.
  • Mass Diagram Report – New command to report mass diagram with station and accumulated cut/fill volumes. [Back to Top]

Hydrology Commands

  • Watershed Analysis – Added option to draw high points for watershed areas.
  • Sewer Network – Added support for separate locations for structure and inlet. Added support for multiple pipes between structures. Added option to store library references within sewer network file definition.  Added method to locate structures by direction and distance from an existing structure.
  • Import Network From Centerline/Profile – New command to create sewer network from centerline and profile files.
  • Import Network From 2D Polylines – New command to create sewer network from 2D polylines and a surface at a depth.
  • Spreadsheet Sewer Editor – Redesigned layout with a large profile graphic. New reports including method to use report formatter for custom reports and report to PDF with profile graphic along with spreadsheet data. Added methods to hold slopes, match crowns and match inverts. Added ability to edit parameters for multiple pipes or structures. Added ability to call this editor from the sewer network docked dialog routine. Added field for rim elevation.
  • Draw Sewer Network Plan View – Added options to label pipe name, to draw pipe thickness and hatch the thickness. For 3D viewing, the sewer network plan view entities are automatically rendered in 3D by the 3D Viewer Window command. For utility networks, added option to only label structures when direction changes. Added option for layer prefix or suffix by system name.
  • HydroNet Explorer – Added ability to save and load events from the HydroCAD hcp file. For Reach input, added function to select a 3D polyline to get the profile data. Added support for using a unit hydrograph such as Delmarva. [Back to Top]

GIS Commands

  • Import GIS Data From SurvCE – New command to create GIS data links in the drawing from attribute data collected by SurvCE.
  • Export GIS Data To SurvCE – New command to create SurvCE files for feature code library, GIS feature definitions and GIS attribute data from selected drawing entities with GIS data, Field-to-Finish and GIS definitions.
  • ESRI MSC – Added option to create ESRI feature coding in DWG for sewer networks, lot files, mining timing and surface mine reserves.
  • Export DWG File with ESRI MSC – Creates DWG with ESRI coding for selected features.
  • Define GIS Features – Redesigned version of Define Template Database. Added geometry setting per feature including polyline or point type, layer, color, block and linetype. Added attribute settings for whether attribute is editable in the field and whether to restrict input to list values. Added new report functions for feature attributes and geometry.
  • GIS Query – Added method to create selection set of entities that match query.
  • Attach Image To Entity – Added support for multiple images per entity.
  • Properties Converter – Added filter for linetypes. [Back to Top]

Point Cloud Commands

  • Bare Earth – New function to filter out data points above the ground.
  • Extract Feature – New functions to convert cloud data into tree, pole and hydrant entities.
  • Draw Curb – New command to create 3D polylines on curb edges from the cloud data.
  • Draw Text – New command to create text labels.
  • Snaps – Added high, low and edge snaps.
  • Polyline Utilities – Added edit, add and remove vertex functions.
  • Layer Manager – New command to freeze/thaw layers in the scene and set colors.
  • Cloud Selection – Added new method to use a closed polyline.
  • Drape Images – Added ability to drape an aerial image on a surface. [Back to Top]

Geology Commands

  • Bed Naming – Added settings to control bed suffix names “_Key”, “_Top”, “_Bottom” and “_Parting”.
  • Strata Modeling – Added max search distance for triangulation models.
  • Define Attributes – Updated user-interface to use a spreadsheet for data entry and allow dialog resizing.
  • Define Strata – Added sort function by geologic order.
  • Edit Drillhole – For graphic preview, uses color from Strata Definitions. Added Set button for strata name that picks from list from Strata Definitions. Added Set button for surface elevation that reads the elevation from a surface model.
  • Place Channel Sample – Added method to get values by a 3D screen pick.
  • Draw Geologic Column – Added option to process beds to composite strata. Added setting to specify strata definition file instead of using the current definitions.
  • Fence Diagram – Added option to draw an additional surface such as a pit bottom with benches. Added setting to specify strata definition file instead of using the current definitions. Added method to draw fault lines.
  • Draw Heave Zones – New command to draw heave zones in plan view as closed polylines.
  • Statistical Analysis – For drillhole input, added option to use report formatter and ability to process within pits.
  • Define Surface Mine Auto Run – New command to setup bench numbers and the associated strata along with top and bottom surfaces models for batch processing in Surface Mine Reserves.
  • Surface Mine Reserves – Added method to process multiple benches at a time. Added method for volumes by elevation staging. Add option to save and load processing settings.
  • Make Block Model – Added setting for inverse distance power.
  • Define Grade Parameters – Added support for using an OR statement for attributes. [Back to Top]

Surface/Underground Mining Commands

  • Pillars/Perim Layers – Added user-defined names for the pillars and perimeter layers.
  • Design Bench Pit – Added offset method for better handling of interior corners. Added option to set slope in degress or percent. Added method to assign benches by elevation in addition to depth or surface model. Added method to name the benches for reporting.
  • Design Fill Surfaces – New function for designing fill surfaces with option for benching.
  • Remove Empty Benches – New command to remove benches with zero quantities for pit timing.
  • Import Pit Timing Data – Added import for pit precedence and other attributes. Added auto recognition of data from pit report.
  • Surface Equipment Timing – Report improvements for Peabody. [Back to Top]

TakeOff Commands

  • PDF Import – Added option to use color for layer and option to import a range of pages.
  • Drawing Cleanup – Added function to remove duplicate points.
  • Edit Assign Polyline Elevations – Added function to select crossing linework to add new vertices at intersections as control points.
  • Elevate 2D to 3D – The various 2D to 3D commands can now be combined for handling different types of data to elevate with.
  • Convert Polylines To Text – New command to create text from polylines generated by PDF or raster import.
  • Convert Dashes To Polylines – New command to connect sequential dashes into polylines.
  • Digitize Arcs – Added method to digitize arcs by three points for 2D and 3D polylines and contours.
  • Define Layer Surface/Material/Subgrade – Added option to flag layers for pad polylines that have vertical wall from their base to design surface.
  • Topsoil Removal/Replacement – Setting topsoil depths override existing values when picking same polyline.
  • Lock Surfaces – Added option to lock existing or design surfaces to prevent changes.
  • Input Trench Line – Added method to input by structure points.
  • Trench Template – Added pipe material field. New option for backfill by depth relative to top of pipe and added option to define backfills from top to down.
  • Draw Trench Network Plan View – Added option to label zone depths alongs the pipes.
  • Report Trench Network – Added new reports for depth details, structure details and trench details.
  • Trench Network Quantities – Added shrink/swell factors for volumes.
  • Drillhole/Strata Settings – Added functions to save and load the settings.
  • Strata Modeling – Added methods to model strata by linear least-squares or inverse distance to the 3rd power.
  • Place Drillhole – Added method to locate by station-offset from a centerline.
  • Mass Haul Analysis – Added method to process an end area file. [Back to Top]

Data Conversions

  • 12D – Added import and export for 12DA files.
  • Agtek – Added import for WRL files.
  • Albuquerque Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • CAICE – Added support for .SRV files in the Draw Polyline File command and import KCM to points.
  • .CAL Images – Added support for this image format by conversion to TIF.
  • DOT’s – Added support for CalTrans .TSS files in the Points Read Text/ASCII File command. Added field-to-finish code tables from LA, MO, MS, NC, OH, TX and WA.
  • EMXS – Added import for point data in Points-Import Text/ASCII File and import for section data under Section Conversions.
  • France RAF09 Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • Lithuania Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • Netherlands Geoid – Added support for the 2008 geoid.
  • New Zealand 2009 Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • Norway 2008 Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • Ohio – Added four zone IDF curve rainfall method and Ohio HGL method.
  • Portugal Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • RoadXML – Added functions to import and export road design data to RoadXML format.
  • Spain Geoids – Added support for the Catalonia and EGM08 geoid.
  • South Africa 2010 Geoid – Added support for this geoid.
  • StarNet – Added import for StarNet raw data.
  • TDS – Added import for TDS level data and for TP5 into template series file. Updated export to RD5 to have option for section data and create TP5.
  • Trimble – Added CL and Profile data export to Trimble DC file. Added import from Trimble FXL file into Field-to-Finish. [Back to Top]

Programming Interfaces

  • DTM API – Added function to generate a profile from a TIN and centerline. [Back to Top]