TruckPro is Carlson Software’s GPS-based assignment and tracking system for haul trucks. It enables dispatch operators to know haul truck locations and material types during transit, even in low visibility conditions. TruckPro currently tracks operators, downtimes, delay codes, material types, load counts, cycle times, and delivered tonnage. The truck routinely broadcasts its position to the tracking system, such that routing can be modified and speeds monitored for different road sections. Process and equipment performance can be monitored and analyzed to gain advantage over your competitors.

TruckPro is ideal for real-time tracking applications. By knowing the truck locations, the dispatcher can more accurately assign trucks to digging equipment. This means reduced idle times and elimination of excessive movement, which results in less maintenance and cost. Known load locations also enhance blending practices.

Two years in the making, recently released TruckPro 2.0 has been completely rebuilt. TruckPro is scalable to accommodate varied infrastructure, adheres to Carlson’s Open Positioning Architecture (OPA) and supports data share, multi-GNSS receivers.

This product consists of two-way communication between dispatch and the vehicle, a GPS with meter-level accuracy, and a ruggedized touchscreen computer. This program works semi-real time, when the radios have line-of-site communications.


Benefits include:
  • Reduced idle time
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower dilution
  • Improved blending and stockpile management
  • Enhanced recovery
  • More accurate tracking for improved planning
  • Comprehensive electronic reporting across the network
  • Road speed analysis can lead to better roads for haulage
  • Reduced staking
  • Low cost alternative
  • On-site support
Login Screen

The operator logs onto the system with their id and password in the first screen. The shift is also set here.

Tracking Screens

TruckPro presents the operator with a loading information screen, along with a dumping location screen. The payload weight is read from an on-board sensor which is integrated with the TruckPro system. The pit and seam are filled in with the location extracted from the main navigation screen when the operator selects the record load location as seen below. These values are all editable from these screens in case an override is needed.

Main Screen

In the center of the TruckPro main screen, there is a map with current position and other routes taken through the shift. It shows both the pit and dumping locations. The seam quality is changeable on the right side of screen. To the upper left, the user is allowed to: set delays and record load locations. On the left, Travel indicates the distance traveled since login and LastGPS is the time in seconds since the last good GPS reading.

The GPS status is displayed to the lower left along with a running total of loads and tons. The zoom buttons at the bottom of the screen allow the operator to view more or less of the map.

“Set” items include:

  • Seam — These are user defined, but some examples include: coal, overburden, and scoria.
  • Delay — These are user defined, but some examples include: lunch, maintenance, and shift change.
Productivity Tools

When TruckPro is combined with Productivity Tools, a whole wealth of information is available for analysis, which can lead to increased productivity and optimal machine performances

Productivity Tools feature real-time remote viewing and full 3D playback of earthmoving equipment. In addition, user-defined reports on any aspect including rehandle and tonnage per hour are included in the arsenal.

All major GPS types are supported, including:
  • Ashtech/Thales
  • Garmin
  • Javad
  • Leica
  • Navcom
  • NMEA
  • NovAtel
  • Sokkia
  • Topcon
  • Trimble
Product Price
Carlson TruckPro

Pricing depends significantly on the hardware chosen. Please consult with one of our machine guidance experts to find out what will work for your operation. Contact our Mining Division for sales information.