Carlson Grade — One Powerful Software Package For All Applications

Carlson Grade is Carlson Software’s unique machine guidance product for the construction, landfill, and mining industries. The software is cross-platform for use on Windows and Linux operating systems. Carlson Grade is available for:

  • dozers
  • loaders
  • excavators
  • compactors
  • graders
  • drills
  • scrapers
  • bucketwheels
  • shovels
  • foreman trucks

Learn how you can “Build for the Future” with Carlson Grade and Carlson Takeoff.


SitePrep magazine cover
Read about how SUR Construction used Carlson Software on a New Hampshire roads project.

Carlson Grade is a premiere 3D machine control software. It supports most heavy machine types, most grading, mining, drilling and landfill operations and most sensors. It supports the world’s largest GNSS library.

Carlson Grade can be mounted on a pick-up truck to provide mine foremen and supervisors with real-time position and height inspection capabilities. There is no need for converting site drawings; because, this product recognizes standard .dwg files.

Carlson Grade is ideal for real-time grading applications, since heavy equipment operators can grade sites without stakes, even in blinding conditions. Instead, they glance at a screen mounted in the cab and respond to cut/fill and position information. This gives instant feedback on design performance and allows operators to achieve the proper grade with the first pass, saving both time and fuel. This also eliminates excessive movement and tramming of the machine, which results in less maintenance and cost.

  • Supports many machines with single-user interface including dozers, excavators, graders, scrapers and more
  • Supports most all GPS/SNSS receivers
Ease of Use
  • Flexible user interface as simple or as advanced as the user needs
  • Multiple views in profile, section and plan
  • Customizable screens (UDI)
  • Uses AutoCAD drawings and Carlson Civil surfaces, no conversion necessary
  • Real-time monitoring back at the office
  • Cut/Fill — real time across entire project
  • Volumes daily, weekly or anytime
File Import/Export
  • 3D volume reports output to PDF
  • Direct import: .dwg, .dxf, TN#, GC3, LN3
Further Benefits & Features
  • Multi-purpose: one system for all equipment and applications (dozer, grader, excavator, drill, etc.)
  • Connectivity options (new Heartbeat)
  • Collect and stake out points
  • Load up to 50MB DTM
  • Build pads: flat, single/dual slope
  • Grade check for all machines
  • Indicate (guidance) and Automate (hydraulic control) options
  • Specialized Features for Construction, Mining and Landfill Applications
Carlson at ConExpo

Carlson Software President Bruce Carlson and Randy Noland of Carlson Machine Control take viewers on a walk-through of Carlson and Carlson Machine Control.



Ashtech ProFlex 500 (formerly Magellan) + Carlson Grade for machine control



Carlson makes it easy for me to move my machine control system from machine to machine. – David Johnson

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