ILM – Industrial Laser Modules

Pulsed time-of-flight technology provides contactless measurement to stationary or moving targets.

Pencil-beam Industrial Laser Modules (ILM) provide users with contactless measurements between the sensor and a passive target (stationary or moving).


Designed for stand-alone operation or for system integration

ILMs use time-of-flight technology to calculate range. The laser sensor can then use the range to trigger external devices, such as cameras or warning systems. Typical uses are altimetry, security and road traffic applications.


Available ILM variants

Code Variant Description
R Standard rangefinder The ILM-R (range) variant averages 20 individual range measurements, providing a stable measurement at a rate of approximately 9 Hz.
T Camera trigger / proximity sensor The ILM-T (trigger) variant is configured to provide a trigger signal to external devices when the range to the target is within a customer defined trigger window.
HR High repetition The ILM-HR (high repetition) variant does not average ranges, the range output rate is 400 Hz consisting of 400 individual range measurements.


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