Cabled Boretrak

Carlson Boretrak® borehole-deviation measurement system


Boretrak is our cost-effective, rugged borehole-deviation surveying system that’s compact, lightweight and portable.
Boretrak provides an easy way to audit drilling activity accurately and in a wide range of applications, including quarry and cast blasting, exploration and foundation drilling, dam pinning, construction, piling and engineering works.

Avoid borehole deviation

Borehole deviation happens, but without a reliable way of measuring it and taking the actual results of drilling activity into account, mine and quarry owners can spend more than they need to on breakage, transport, explosives and fuel costs. They also risk worker safety and that of others working or living near blast sites. Those responsible for engineering or geotechnical projects can encounter costly delays if holes are not drilled to plan.


Our borehole measurement systems

  • Cabled Boretrak
    Cabled Boretrak is designed to let you work quickly, and move across large sites without the need to transport bulky surveying equipment. It is compact, lightweight, rugged and highly portable.
  • Rodded Boretrak
    Rodded Boretrak gives unique capabilities to measure borehole deviation uphole and downhole in situations where other systems won’t work, including underground mines and areas of ferrous materials.


Why borehole deviation happens and why it matters

Borehole deviation isn’t a rare occurrence. Whether it’s the experience of the driller, the quality of the equipment, the angle drilled or the local geology, boreholes frequently deviate from their intended path.

In the past, there was no easy way to measure deviation. Mechanical methods lacked accuracy, and produced too little data to be mapped against the drilling plan to enable a comparison.

As a result, even today some mine and quarry managers will proceed to blast on the basis of the drilling plan, rather than the drilling results. And those responsible for engineering and geotechnical works will proceed on the assumption that holes are straight, encountering costly delays later in the project.


The benefits of Boretrak

Carlson’s Boretrak is designed to help you complete a range of drilling-related projects more quickly and efficiently, by giving you the data you need to make on-site decisions quickly and without the need to employ surveyors or other costly personnel.

You can read more about the specific benefits of using Boretrak in underground mining, engineering and geotechnical works and quarry drilling and blasting on our applications page.


Tried and trusted

Boretrak is used globally for:

  • cast blasting
  • exploration and foundation drilling
  • quarry blasting
  • piling
  • engineering works
  • dam pinning


Boretrak software and applications

  • Boretrak Mobile App
    The Boretrak Mobile App offers control over the Boretrak system during field operations and provides versatile functionality for collecting, managing and reviewing data collected. Available for Android, download here.

  • Boretrak Viewer Software
    Boretrak Viewer Software is office software to produce informative visualizations and analytics specifically for data collected with Carlson’s Boretrak equipment. Compatible with previous generations of Boretrak hardware, it is available free of charge as part of Carlson Precision 3D, download here.


Work safely

  • Deployed from ground level (or from underground sites), Boretrak keeps workers safe while giving you 3D data on drilling activity.
  • Boretrak works with Quarryman to help ensure compliance with quarrying legislation, protecting local residents, employees and property.
  • Measuring borehole deviation avoids the risks associated with incorrect borehole data: fly-rock caused by poorly designed blasts, or intersection with underground utilities in engineering works.


Work efficiently

  • There is no need for an expert surveyor to be on site, because the system is simple to use, with very little training needed.
  • Boretrak frees up personnel. A 20 m hole can be surveyed in a matter of minutes, and entire drilling sites can be measured and modelled in hours.


Get accurate data on site and make better decisions

  • A handheld CDU interfaces with dedicated PC software so you can audit drilled holes and produce reports in minutes. Results can the be issued to drillers on site if needed. Your on-site drilling operation becomes data led, responsive and better integrated.
  • Map entire sites. Boretrak data can easily be georeferenced and related to your local co-ordinate system. This means you can compare today’s results with historical data and view data from a range of systems – notably Carlson’s Quarryman Pro- in one place. There’s no guesswork and no data gaps.


Work reliably in extreme environments

  • A high degree of dust- and water-proofing is engineered into both the Rodded and Cabled Boretrak variants. Resistance to wet weather, water-logged ground, submersion, temperature extremes, sand and dust mean that Boretrak performs reliably and accurately in tough conditions.
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to transport across sites and between locations, the easy-to-deploy Boretrak is designed to be used by a single operator. The Cabled Boretrak system comes in a single ‘Peli’ case, with a total weight of less than 5 kg, and a soft case to carry the tripod and ballast rod when needed. The Rodded Boretrak probe and rods can also be hand carried by a single operator.



Brochure: Rodded Boretrak® and Cabled Boretrak®

The Boretrak borehole deviation measurement system improves safety and enhances productivity by giving you a cost-effective, reliable and portable way to measure borehole deviation in a wide range of applications.

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Data sheet: Cabled Boretrak®

Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Carlson’s most portable borehole deviation measurement system, the Cabled Boretrak. A dual-axis tilt sensor and digital compass also help you to calculate borehole deviation from the collar position at fixed intervals. Supplied in a single Peli-case, this lightweight, portable option enables fast deployment by a single operator.

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Data sheet: Rodded Boretrak®

Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Carlson’s most versatile borehole deviation measurement system, the Rodded Boretrak. This device is unique in that it can be deployed uphole or downhole and in all types of rock. Rodded Boretrak has been tried and tested for a wide range of applications.

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