Surveyor+ GNSS

This product is no longer in production, for the very latest from Carlson, visit our Hardware page.

For information on the 2019 GPS week number rollover (WNRO) please see:

Clients can find out the version of the Novatel firmware by tapping Equip — GPS Rover and then clicking the blue “i” button and will want to consult with the Technical Support team ( or by phone at +1-606-564-5028) for assistance on obtaining and/or applying firmware updates (if needed).
Surveyor+ GNSS

The All-in-One Surveyor+ GNSS System — a dual frequency RTK GNSS receiver and field controller and can be purchased at a local Carlson dealer near you! Important qualities include:

*At a recent Connecticut Survey Association meeting, Michael Jiantonio of Superior Instruments made this observance: “I pointed out to customers asking about the Surveyor+ GPS that it is rated for the SAME ACCURACY as the other GPS that they were seeing in the room, but the others were selling for nearly twice the price. The look of surprise, and in some cases shock, made me realize that I needed to educate them that RTK equals 1 cm Hz accuracy.”

  • Accurate*
  • Affordable*
  • Rugged
  • Reliable

SCALE-ABLE: If you have the Carlson Surveyor+ data collector now or are thinking about purchasing one, you can add the RTK engine at anytime

VERSATILE: Network RTK, Base/Rover RTK and static capable

FLEXIBLE: Works with drivers for most all brands of total stations & robotics; get ability to localize the set-up and backsight

You’ll get all this and more with the Carlson Surveyor+ GNSS System:

  • Loaded with Carlson SurvCE — our field data collection software, works together with our office software for seamless integration from field to office and back. Carlson SurvCE works with all brands of survey equipment: conventional total stations, robotic total stations, and RTK GPS survey gear. Survey offices and survey departments throughout the US and the world are finding this obvious combination the most productive, straightforward survey solution for their field and office needs.
  • Network RTK Ready: Internal GSM SIM Card Enabled Modem
  • Internal Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • System provides 8-plus hours total operation
  • Includes all of the specifications of the Carlson Surveyor+!
  • Office Compatibility: Carlson SurveyCarlson CivilCarlson MiningCarlson TakeoffCarlson Construction — full suite solutions.
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Channel Configuration
Channels2 120
Signal Tracking GPS: L1, L2, L2C, L5
Galileo: E1, E53
Horizontal Position Accuracy (RMS)
Single point L1 1.5 m
Single point L1/L2 1.2 m
SBAS5 0.6 m
DGPS 0.4 m
L-Band: VBS 0.6 m
L-Band: XP 0.15 m
L-Band: HP 0.1 m
RT-2™ 1 cm+1 ppm
Initialization time <10 s
Initialization reliability > 99.9%
Measurement Precision (RMS)
Fully independent code and carrier measurements:
L1 C/A code 4 cm 8 cm
L1 carrier phase 0.5 mm 1.0 mm
L2 P(Y) code6 8 cm 8 cm
L2 carrier phase6 1.0 mm 1.0 mm
L2C code7 8 cm 8 cm
L2C carrier phase7 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
L5 code 3 cm
L5 carrier phase 0.5 mm
Maximum Data Rate8
Measurements 100 Hz
Position 100 Hz
Time to First Fix
Cold start9 <50 s
Hot start10 <35 s
Signal Re-acquisition
L1 <0.5 s (typical)
L2 <1.0 s (typical)
Time Accuracy11 20 ns RMS
Velocity Accuracy 0.03 m/s RMS
Velocity12 515 m/s

1 Typical values. Performance specifications subject to GPS system characteristics, US DOD operational degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length, multipath effects and the presence of intentional or unintentional interference sources.
2 Tracks up to 60 L1/L2 satellites.
3 Includes E5a, E5b and Alt-BOC.
4 The Compass signal is not finalized and changes in the signal structure may still occur. Designed for Compass Phase 2 and 3, B1 and B2 compatibility.
5 GPS only.
6 L2 P for GLONASS.
7 L2 C/A for GLONASS.
8 100 Hz while tracking up to 20 satellites.
9 Typical value. No almanac or ephemerides and no approximate position or time.
10 Typical value. Almanac and recent ephemerides saved and approximate position and time entered.
11 Time accuracy does not include biases due to RF or antenna delay.
12 Export licensing restricts operation to a maximum of 515 metres per second.

Package Configurations
Item(s) Included/Package Complete GNSS w/ Software GNSS w/o Software
Purchase When: You do not already own the Carlson Surveyor+ data collector You already own the Surveyor+ data collector but do not have SurvCE with GPS You already own the Surveyor+ data collector and also have SurvCE with GPS
GNSS Receiver1 True True True
GNSS Antenna True True True
GNSS Antenna Cable True True True
2-M GPS Pole with Cable Slots True True True
GPS Pole Clamp and Bracket for Surveyor+ True True True
Extra batteries (3) for Surveyor+ True True True
External battery chargers (2)2 True True True
Phillips Screw Driver True True True
Protective Transport Case True True True
Carlson Surveyor+ with SurvCE Total Station3 True
SurvCE with GPS support True True

1 Includes integrated GSM cellular modem and cell modem antenna
2 Each external charger includes one “wall” (AC) cord and one “cigarette” (DC) cord

3 Includes standard accessories that normally ship with the Carlson Surveyor+

Product Price
Carlson Surveyor+ GNSS System Contact your regional Carlson Software representative or your local dealer for pricing and to purchase.
Leasing Opportunity: Through Dimension Funding, Carlson Software is offering a lease program for both its hardware, such as the Surveyor+ GNSS and for its software. To apply, download the Commercial Lease Application Form. To learn more about a funding calculator for lease rates, info for companies in business for less than two years, or rates for customers with poor credit, email Finance Made Easy

For all upgrade pricing, call Carlson Software, 800-989-5028, or your local dealer.

Carlson Review

Donald Poole, PLS, reviews the Carlson Surveyor+ GNSS system in POB Magazine. He concludes, “The system is made by surveyors for surveyors. If you are in the market for GPS, definitely put this on your demonstration list and check with your dealer.” Read more.

Dual Constellation for Enhanced Positioning (Legacy)

Surveyor+ GNSS

  • The GPS-702-GG uses the L1 and L2 frequencies
  • Antenna offers combined GPS+ GLONASS signal reception
  • Customers can use the same antenna for GPS-only or dual constellation applications, resulting in increased flexibility and reduced equipment costs
  • Patented Pinwheel™ technology provides superior multipath rejection in a compact and lightweight antenna
Stable Phase Center
  • For added reliability, the antenna’s phase center remains constant as the azimuth and elevation angle of satellites change with signal reception unaffected by the rotation of the antenna or satellite elevation.
  • In addition, the phase center is in the same location for both the L1 and L2 signals
  • This, combined with minimal phase center variation between individual antennas, makes the GPS-702-GG ideal for baselines of any length
Durable, RoHS Compliant Design
  • In addition, the 702-GG meets the European Union’s directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • For extended life, the GPS-702-GG also features a waterproof housing and meets MIL-STD-202F for vibration and MIL-STD-810F for salt spray

GPS Performance

14 GPS l1, 14 GPS L2
2 SBAs Channel Configuration
Horizontal Position Accuracy
Single Point L1 1.5 m
Single Point L1/L2 1.2 m
SBAS 0.6 m
DGPS 0.4 m
RT-2 1 cm + 1 ppm
Measurement Precision (RMS)
L1 C/A Code 4 cm 15 cm
L1 Carrier Phase 0.5 mm 1.5 mm
L2 P(Y) Code 8 cm 8 cm
L2 Carrier Phase 1 mm 1.5 mm
Data Rate
Measurements 5Hz
Position 5Hz
Time to First Fix
Cold Start (3) 60 s
Hot Start (4) 35 s
Signal Reacquisition
L1 0.5 s (typical)
L2 1.0 s (typical)
Velocity Accuracy
0.03 m/s RMS