Carlson SurvPC data collection softwareWith SurvPC**, get the world’s most flexible & powerful data collection software on the PC platform

Like Carlson SurvCE, SurvPC supports the widest range of popular and new release RTK GPS and conventional/robotic total stations. Carlson SurvCE and SurvPC are complete data collections systems for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS and Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry. SurvPC can be utilized on standard Windows PC computers such as ruggedized laptops.

SurvPC with the Esri OEM engine can load Esri maps and work native in the Esri GIS environment. Learn how.

And then click here to see a demonstration of how SurvPC works seamlessly with Esri. 

Advantages include:

  • Increased hardware capability
  • Increased virtual memory & ability to work with large sets of data
  • Larger screen size & more convenient touch screen usage
  • More processing & graphic power (with aerial photo overlays)
  • Save directly to an Esri geodatabase with no import/export
  • File formats compatible with Carlson office products (.fld, .flc, etc.)
  • Import of MicroStation .dgn files and Import/Export of AutoCAD .dwg files is possible. Output to Excel for simple data management.

**Read how Carlson SurvPC Esri® OEM meets Norway Land Consolidation Court needs for field solution for property and land use measurement.

“…Carlson’s SurvPC offers CAD functions so close to the real thing you almost can’t distinguish the difference, which allows the user to work much like he or she would at their desk in the office.” Shawn Billings, LS, American Surveyor, read more.

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About SurvPC

Achieving Precision GIS — the Case Study

“It was cool to hear from total outsiders — refreshing to hear their ah-ha moments. It was especially interesting because they were neither heavy Carlson nor heavy Esri users. It speaks to how easy these packages are to use.”

– Donny Sosa, Surveying Industry Specialist, Esri

Read about how Lake Apopka Natural Gas transformed their business with the help of Carlson’s SurvPC and Esri technologies. New Call-to-action
View the Carlson SurvPC Brochure

New in SurvPC

New from Carlson SurvPC is the ability to work in the Esri® ArcGIS® system, yet with a familiar interface, achieving seamless accuracy in GIS. New functionality allows users to use Esri’s Map Objects to perform all survey functions with no downtime learning new software. In the new ArcGIS-enabled version of Carlson SurvPC, Esri’s Desktop can be used intuitively to perform all survey functions; ArcGIS points, lines and polygons can be used for staking. ArcGIS Nodes can be used for resections and localization; and users will be able to query GIS feature attributes at any time with the Store Points, Stake Points, and Map View screens.

System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Recommendations:

– Intel Pentium® or more powerful processor
– 64-bit machines are supported, but application itself is 32-bit
– 256 MB RAM (minimum), 512MB or 1 GB recommended
– 256 MB of free hard disk space
– 1 x 9-pin serial RS-232 port optional
– Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n optional
– Integrated Bluetooth v.2.0
– Specifications Subject to Change without Advance Notice
Note: UHD (4K) Tablets are not supported at this time

Operating Systems Requirements:
Version 5.x – Supports up to Windows OS, 10. max*
Version 4.x – Supports up to Windows OS, 8.1. max*
Version 3.x – Supports up to Windows OS, 8.1. max*
Version 2.5 – Supports up to Windows OS, 7. max*

*Running on an operating system not listed with the SurvPC version above could lead to technical issues. It is recommended to contact your Carlson Software Representative or Certified Dealer for upgrading options.

Before ordering SurvPC it is highly recommended that you download the demo version and “TEST DRIVE” the product on your PC before ordering the software. This may help you avert any unforeseen technical issues.

“I asked Jim Carlson for your email address because I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your Tech Support team. They are outstanding – in every way.

They – ALL of them – are patient, friendly, upbeat, knowledgeable and unambiguous in their instruction(s). I feel put at ease, and am unafraid to ask any question because none of them have ever acted as if any of my questions are trivial, obvious or incompetent. This is particularly true of one Brian Hammer.

Again, it is a pleasure to work with these guys.”

–Paul G. Louden
Richmond, Virginia

Contact your Carlson Software Representative or Certified Dealer for pricing as well as complete Hardware options.