Carlson Listen-Listen

About Carlson Listen-Listen and Carlson’s RTK Network:

  • Carlson Listen-Listen and Carlson RTK Network are unique cloud based low latency services
  • They are available to Carlson SurvCE/PC customers using Carlson’s BRx6 GNSS receiver as a base station
  • They are hosted through Amazon Web Services for unlimited processing power, speed and bandwidth
  • The system eliminates base line length restrictions encountered when using UHF radios
  • Carlson Listen-Listen supports single base with multiple simultaneous rover connections
  • Carlson RTK Network processing is optimized to compensate for inter-frequency biases when using GLONASS
Listen Listen

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Carlson BRx6 customers using Carlson SurvCE/PC are granted a one-time, 6-month trial of Carlson Listen-Listen. Claim your demo today by providing the requested information below.