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Monday, April 8
Spanish: Basic Survey: 9-10:30AM
This class will give an overview of the Carlson Survey office software’s menus, show how to get started with the program and how to perform basic steps to execute a design.

Spanish: SurvCE & SurvPC Basics: 10:45AM-12:15PM
This class will focus on the basic setup and functions of SurvCE. The creation and setting up of jobs and instrumentation as well as data collection and stake out will be covered. An overview of the program’s menus will also be covered

Both Carlson data collection and office software solutions are available in Spanish.

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Spanish: New Features in SurvCE/SurvPC Version 3: 1:30-3PM
See what’s new in the SurvCE 3.0 release, which includes, to name a few, recognizing GIS attributes, the ability to stake roads by complete LandXML Road Model, and ability to download images and maps from the internet (Esri, Google, Bing) while in the field.

Spanish: Survey & SurvCE Field to Finish: 3:15-4:45PM
See how Carlson Survey and Carlson SurvCE/SurvPC work together for most efficient Field-to-Finish in the industry; together, they magically transform field survey data into flawless maps and CAD drawings.

Tuesday, April 9
Spanish: SurvCE Map Screen: 8:30-10AM
There are over 75 commands under the Carlson SurvCE MAP screen drop down menus FILE, VIEW, DRAW, COGO and TOOLS. In 90 minutes we plan to do a brief overview on each command found in Carlson SurvCE’s MAP screen.

Spanish: SurvCE Advanced Roads: 10:30AM-12PM
One of the distinguishing attributes of SurvCE is its powerful roading commands. The course begins with a thorough study of the entry and importing of the basic road elements of centerlines, profiles, templates and cross sections. Road stakeout is also covered.

Spanish: LotNETwork: 1:15-2:45PM
Come learn two different ways to design a subdivision inside of Carlson Civil’s Lot NETwork. Also, learn how to layout lots with setbacks around ponds and make changes to the lots and ROW with ease. You’ll be able to identify sub-areas (such as pond, creek, park, etc) and design lots around these areas with ease. Finally, get lot reports and create coordinate files to take to field to stakeout.

Spanish: Civil: 3:15-4:45PM
In this seminar, you will learn how to lay out a commercial site, learn methods of handling rainfall events and designing retention facilities. Some of the design features discussed will comprise a lesson in parcel layout for the site, basic grading, computing earthworks takeoffs and design and layout storm utilities.

Wednesday, April 10
Spanish: GIS 360: 8:30-10AM
See Carlson’s new GIS360 in action. If you are already using this revolutionary site management tool, increase your skills, or for those new to the product, learn how the unique capabilities of GIS360 allow you to collect GIS data and see everything about your site as you stand right on it

Spanish: Point Cloud: 10:30AM-12PM
This session focuses on the capabilities of Road NETwork, the pinnacle of road design functionality found in Carlson Civil. Starting from scratch with AutoCAD polylines, we will cover the entire process of turning these into a network of roads, in 2D and 3D, including the creation of Profiles, Cross Sections, Templates, Finished Contours, Volume Calcs, and 3D Visualization. RoadNETwork includes 3-way and 4-way intersections, cul-de-sacs, roundabouts, and transitions for bus turnouts or lane widenings. You will leave ready to design any network of roads you encounter.

Spanish: Takeoff Overview: 1:15-2:45PM
This session will cover the basics of Cut / Fill estimating in Carlson Takeoff. This includes an overview of Carlson’s “closed-polyline, layer-based” approach, shrinkwrap and “boundary polyline” routines, basic model making, and verification tools such as 3D Drive Simulation, Quick Profile, subgrade hatching.

Spanish Esri-OEM and Native .dwg-DGN: 3:15-4:45PM
This class will talk about how the Esri OEM works and how you can collect data in a .dwg or DGN.


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