Academics Program

Carlson Software Works with Colleges and Universities Around the World

Carlson Software offers an Academic Program custom-tailored to college and university institutions. It provides a cost-effective means for students to acquire technological skill sets that would be valued by a variety of future employers. The Carlson Software product line consists of modular software applications that allow the student to specialize in several different aspects of land development study.

Carlson Academics

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Software Solutions

Carlson Software provides unlimited desktop licensing to qualified colleges and universities for a low annual fee. The software products included in this offer are the Carlson Civil Suite (comprised of Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology and Carlson GIS), Carlson Survey/C&G, Carlson Takeoff and Carlson Simplicity Sight Survey.

Hardware Solutions

Carlson Software will also provide college and university programs any hardware that is available on our retail price list (e.g. Surveyor2, Mini2, RT3, CR+, BRx6) at a reduced price. Upon request, Carlson Software will also supply qualifying educational institutions with copies of Carlson SurvCE™, our renowned data collection software and its companion data transfer product, Carlson X-Port.

Technology for Your Labs

To obtain Carlson solutions for your institution, please contact our Carlson Software Academics representative. Aside from your contact information, you will also be asked to provide the estimated number of licenses required to accommodate your lab(s) and instructors. Whenever possible, Carlson issues network licenses to be run from the school’s network server.

Student Software

The power of Carlson Software can also be in your students’ hands for home use!

Carlson Software offers civil engineering and land surveying students software on which to learn and work for a full academic year for only $99. Mining students can get the full Carlson Mining family of products for a full academic year for $99. Students are also encouraged to purchased the textbooks: “A Practical Guide to Carlson Fundamentals” and for survey, “A Practical Guide to Carlson Survey” written and published by CADapult Press. The “Practical Guide” books are used in classrooms worldwide and are formatted to maximize learning by breaking concepts down and providing real-world step-by-step examples.

To enroll in this offer, complete the on-line Carlson Software Student License Application.

†  Eligibility requirements (e.g. proof of full-time student status) apply.

World-wide Collegiate Partnerships

Students enrolled in more than 150 colleges and universities around the world are working with Carlson Software!

Carlson “works simply and simply works” which makes it the ideal CAD-based software to learn while in school. Carlson’s renowned ease-of-use and modular product design allows students to focus on underlying engineering, surveying and construction theories without the need to master a single, monolithic product. This balance of educational theory with Carlson’s powerful computational algorithms helps improve students’ chances to get rewarding careers after graduation.

Contact Information

Academic Contact(s) Lauren Brown
Main Office: Maysville, Kentucky
Branch Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Phone: 606-564-5028;