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Ray AntayaRay Antaya (3)

Ray is the President of ECI Technologies LLC, a construction consultant company who works primarily with Site Development Contractors. He has been utilizing Carlson Takeoff over a decade for estimating, construction layout, and gps data prep for machine automation.

Gary RosenGary Rosen (3)

Regional Sales Director for Canada, 34 years in the civil/survey biz, 26 with CAD, 7 on the Carlson team. From plumb bobs to point clouds, "what a long, strange, trip it's been", indeed!

Todd CarlsonTodd Carlson (19)

Since 2004, Todd has worked in tech support, product development, training, sales and marketing for Carlson Software primarily with the construction estimating and data prep package, Carlson Takeoff.

Lee GuerringueLee Guerringue (55)

Marketing Assistant, Carlson Software. As a recent communications and design graduate from the University of Utah, my favorite thing aside from working at Carlson is skiing and enjoying the outdoors.

Karen CummingsKaren Cummings (161)

Carlson Software Content Editor: Enjoy meeting, interviewing and writing about Carlson Software users and how they are utilizing Carlson's extensive line of products.


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