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By Karen Cummings • September 13th, 2016
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Going From Flight to Finish… AeroView Uses Carlson Software to Provide the Services and Deliverables Their Customers Want and Can Use

The September issue of xyHt magazine recently ran the story “Those Magnificent Men with their Flying Machines” about Zach Pieper and Ryan Murgula from Sperry, Iowa. Click on the title to read the story.

AeroView Services Uses Carlson Software in their thriving UAV business.

‘Those Magnificent Men With Their Flying Machines’

The duo have been operating AeroView Services, LLC, a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) data acquisition and 4D point cloud company since February 2015 and have been busy and growing ever since. They attribute much of their success to 1) being ahead of the curve with their UAV services; and 2) being able to put together deliverables for everyone from farmers to contractors to engineers with Carlson Software.

AeroView Services (drone services) recently joined with Curt Schmidgall and Quantum Land Design (machine control and design services). “Between the two companies we heavily use Carlson software,” says Pieper. “Carlson helps us make it all come together. We have several Carlson Civil Suite licenses that we use in our work with engineering firms and Quantum’s contractor clients rely on our work in Carlson Takeoff for project bidding and machine control.” Schmidgall adds that Carlson AgStar, a complete package of land-leveling tools for agricultural and irrigation purposes, gives them the right file formats for the company’s agricultural clients.

Software and UAV combination
To provide the necessary services, AeroView Services primarily utilizes Carlson Point Cloud, Carlson Civil, and Carlson Takeoff together with their Trimble UX5 survey-grade UAV.

“We use the Trimble software to develop the first pieces of the puzzle—the ortho photo and the point cloud from our flight,” Pieper explains, “then from there we take it into Carlson and it finishes it all from there.”

According to Pieper, the UAV takes overlapping photos and a GPS reading every time it takes a photo. The technology involved knows exactly where every pixel in every picture is taken and it then stitches those pictures together through the GPS readings, matching the readings for each picture.

“From that, we can generate a point cloud, which is effectively a 3D survey of the land,” he adds. “So for every single pixel, we get a survey point with a color assigned to it.”

Starting with Carlson Point Cloud software, AeroView Services then turns the point cloud into a 3D surface that an engineering firm can use in their site design.

“With help from Carlson software, we are able to get the UAV data into a file format and size that engineers can use in CAD or a surveyor can load into their controller,” says Murguia. “We also use Carlson Hydrology for watershed analysis and erosion prevention, Civil for site design, GIS for mapping, or Takeoff to help a contractor bid a project. We even use Carlson Survey to generate layout files and many of our clients use Carlson SurvCE in the field to deliver data to us.”

“We can give clients accurate contours to work from, points in certain intervals that they request, or a 3D surface,” says Pieper. “Some just need contours and some want a full site layout. We do planimetrics and volume calculations.”

They also take the files that they produce and provide the data prep to bring the plans to machine control. The flight data used in the design can be exported into any machine control format the client requires.

“Thanks to the flexibility provided by Carlson Software,” adds Pieper, “AeroView and Quantum Land Design are able to successfully serve a broad and growing client base.”

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Learn more and see photos and screen shots in xyHt Magazine.

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