What’s the Point of the End-of-Year Specials?

By Steve Cummings • December 19th, 2019

When someone, maybe my neighbor or the clerk at the convenience store, says to me, “Happy New Year!” — my first thought is always, “Oh, man, it’s Carlson’s End of Year Special time again. I wonder what new tools I’ll get this year! I wonder what great new functionality I’ll have!”

At the end of every year, we here at Carlson offer “End of Year Specials,” where we substantially discount software packages. We do this for two reasons. One, we want customers to buy supplemental packages that streamline workflows and, two, we want to encourage people to try a module or package that they have been considering but aren’t quite sure about.

For example, you may have attended one of our many seminars or training sessions around the country and discovered the value of our GIS module, which will enhance your field-to-finish outputs and help you create beautiful deliverables. You may have discovered CADnet and want to easily scale and trace a PDF you got from a client. You may have bought a drone and need to create clouds and orthoimages. Or, you’ve discovered your state’s LIDAR offerings and want to bundle Carlson Photo Capture with either Precision 3D or Carlson Point Cloud or save even more with all three!

Construction professionals can save almost 30% on the Takeoff Suite (a small price compared to the cost reduction your company will see when using it) or maybe you just need to save 10% on another seat of Carlson Survey OEM. Most of these great options also include next year’s maintenance so you can stay up-to-date with on-the-cusp, state-of-the-art software.

Need more hyphens? Your new Carlson software serial number has three!

We have programmers, like busy elves, making more software around the world, around the clock. The warehouses are full, dispatchers are ready to ship at a moment’s notice, like excited reindeer ready for flight. Now is the time to get the tools you need for a joyous and profitable new year at the best prices of the year. Order now for guaranteed holiday delivery and, as always, if you have any issues or concerns, you’re just a phone call away from the best technical support team in the industry.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Carlson.

— Steve

Steve Cummings
BIM/Parametric Design Specialist

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