Carlson Tech Support is Here to Help

September 1st, 2016

Free technical support from Carlson has been the company standard since its beginnings. Carlson tech support team members are at the ready to assist you with technical problems and registration walk-throughs. They’re available by phone or email, and also create tutorials answering frequently asked questions in the Carlson Knowledge Base. More information and how to contact support can be found at the Carlson Support Center.


“What type of PC chipset and build do y’all use or recommend for running Carlson Survey 2017+ with IntelliCAD?  I’m going to be in the market soon to buy a new PC or build my own and I figured who better to ask than the Carlson Tech team?!  Thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it.  And thank you for your incredible customer service, by far the best in the industry. You guys rock!”

–Garrett Cavaiuolo S.I.T.
C&C Surveying, Inc.
Magnolia, TX

“Thank you for your time. Even when we cannot solve the problem your input is appreciated. Just another reason why I’m glad the survey department switched from C3D to Carlson.”

–Peter Lazio, PLS
Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP
Mineola, NY

“Thank you so much! I have looked and checked everything I could think of to change the decimal places in the area and could not find where to change it. Also, thanks for the info to change the background in the model space. I appreciate your help and quick response.”

–C. Earline McLeod
Providence Consulting, in partnership with Johnson and Sons Surveying
Livingston, TX

“I love Carlson…Thank you so much for your immediate assistance and explaining what happened. Thanks Todd.”

–Joyce Perelli
Meridian Associates, Inc.
Beverly, MA

“This is a great program. I am still learning it. The contouring is really nice. You guys put a lot of time into this program. Every surveyor should have this program.”

Chadron, NE 

“You’re welcome – I’m glad we could help out!” John Gerber, Carlson tech support
“You guys always do that’s why we like using Carlson in the field and the office!”

–Denver Youngblood, GA RLS
Maxwell-Reddick and Associates
Statesboro/Alpharetta, GA