Top-Notch Tech Support

March 1st, 2013

Carlson Software’s tech support team is just that: a team. They are dedicated, friendly, and extremely meticulous. Together, they make the effort to be sure every customer’s questions are answered. If you’re having an issue with our software, our tech support is here to help you. And the best part about it? It’s totally free of cost!

Here’s what our customers have to say about Carlson tech support in their own words:

“I wish … to express my sincere appreciation for the support that you have provided to me directly, now and in the past, as both an end-user, and as a dealer. I cannot overemphasize how important your continued excellent support efforts are to the entire Carlson user base and my respect for your position… It is absolutely integral to our mutual success.”

– Jonathan N. Millen, L.L.S.
Automated Construction Enhanced Solutions, Inc.
Wallkill, NY

“I am one very happy Carlson Software customer. Your software is very good. Your people are excellent.
Yesterday I sent an email to your tech support department knowing full well that is was Sunday & I had no expectations for any response on Sunday, and that is quite all right. But I also copied Ladd Nelson on the email too.
Maybe I should not be so surprised that Ladd responded yesterday (Sunday). Not only did he respond, but he stayed with my problem through multiple iterations until I was quite pleased, to say the very least, with his help.
Once again, I have posted my successful experience with your company, and specifically with Ladd on the website (aka There are very many of us happy customers of your product that spend time there.
Thank you for your time. Thank you for your product. Thank you for keeping excellent support staff and employees like Ladd Nelson…A great team effort by all at Carlson”


Brian Hammer working hard, Boston Office

– Bradley P. Ott, PLS, PE
Main Street Consulting Company
Franklin, IN

“… Bingo! Never would have gotten there myself. That’s why I run and recommend Carlson, support is first class…I have been using your products for over 10 years and have always had a fast and courteous response from your staff….You guys have always gotten me out of the ditch!”

– Stephen Emberson
Plateau Excavation, Inc.
Austell, GA

“…I can certainly not say enough about how efficient and good your support is …I have never seen the kind of dedication you give to support anywhere.”

– DJ Vagnetti, PE MECE ASFPM
Engineered Advantage

“Your company does such a great job at product development and support. Not the norm anymore.”

– Paul Spetz
Isthmus Surveying LLC
Madison, WI

“I would like to pass along my compliments regarding your technical support, namely one Brian Hammer. He gave me a work around procedure utilizing the Compact Flash card in my unit. Very well done!”

– Curt Mowry
Greeley, CO

“They are by far the best!!!”

– Cyrus W. Cole Jr.
John R. Beach and Associates, Inc.
Oldsmar, Florida

“… Usual excellent tech support!”

– Frank Willis, PhD, PE, PLS
Willis Engineering

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