Taking Surveying From the Field to the Finish Line

By Karen Cummings • March 21st, 2017



Carlson Software’s 6th User Conference is entitled “From the Field to the Finish Line.” While the “finish line” reference is appropriate because the User Conference is being held in Carlson’s hometown of Maysville, Kentucky, from May 3 to 5, right before the Kentucky Derby, Carlson’s software line-up also takes land development professionals from their work in the field with data collection all the way to the finish line with data prep and machine control.

On another note, and, perhaps even more importantly, Carlson is also renowned for its “field-to-finish” capabilities.

Field-to-finish is the process of inputting survey data in the field based on point descriptions and other field codes and then automatically drawing it in the office. Carlson Software’s SurvCE and SurvPC data collection programs and Carlson Survey are developed to do this seamlessly. They are capable of redrawing points, symbols, and line work as the information is transferred to the office, saving surveyors the trouble of transcribing the description keys and codes that were initially collected.

This elimination of steps allows surveyors utilizing Carlson’s field-to-finish to streamline their workflow and save much time, and, therefore, money.

“Hush!” wrote Dent Cermak, a CAD tech with more than 40 years of topographic experience, after reading a 2015 post about Carlson’s field-to-finish. “I don’t need my competitors knowing how much money this tool can save them. I don’t need them knowing that, on an average job, doing the line work that used to take two days drawing point to point, now takes less than five minutes… I need them to wonder how I can come in on bids so much lower than them.”

Well, despite Dent’s pleas, field-to-finish classes will be a big part of this year’s Carlson User Conference. Class subjects include “Beyond Field to Finish: Getting the Most Out of Your SurvCE/SurvPC in the Field and Survey in the Office” in the Field track and “From Field-to-Finish and Design-to-Field” in the Survey track in addition to both beginner and advanced field-to-finish classes.

Carlson’s new Survey Product Manager Doug Aaberg, who used Carlson in his own surveying/engineering firm, describes what he will be covering in the advanced class: “We will go “deeper” in showing the set-up of Carlson’s Field-to-Finish to show how to get the most out of this extremely efficient program. The class will discuss and demonstrate code table settings and the advantages of annotating with text-vs-attributes; symbols as point blocks-vs-independent, custom attributes; annotating line work; using fixed parameters; using the ‘tree’ feature; using the ‘pipe’ feature, 3D site feature creation, creating point groups, and processing multiple days of field work.”

So, if you are a land surveyor and your goal is to create accurate 2D or 3D polyline linework as quickly and simply as possible, then now is the time to learn more about Carlson “field-to-finish” and a great place to start is at the Carlson “From the Field to the Finish Line” User Conference. Sign up here.



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