Takeoff Estimating Software: Define Topsoil Exclusions (changes from earlier versions)

February 28th, 2013
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Customer Question:

We have been using takeoff R2 for about 5 years.  We recently (within last 6 months) purchased the latest takeoff.  We noticed that the setting of topsoil stripping areas and replacement areas is different than it used to be in R2. In R2 you would pick the areas that were to be stripped or replaced and then it asked for any exclusion areas to be picked.  Now, we are not getting the option to pick exclusion areas.  Is there another way to set these exclusion areas now?


This is a changed that was made in the Takeoff R4 release and later. When prompted to “Select topsoil perimeter polylines” pick BOTH the inclusion and exclusion polylines at the same time. TIP: Isolate the linework that defines the topsoil replacement before running the command. This way, you can simple type “all” or window all the linework at once instead of individually clicking each line (see below).

 Define Topsoil Replacement

Besides simplification, the reason this changed in Takeoff was to allow for topsoil inclusion areas within an exclusion area. For example, putting topsoil replacement back in an island inside a parking lot (see below).

 Topsoil Replacement Map

In previous releases of Takeoff, when prompting was separate for inclusion and exclusion polylines, this was not possible. Now, it should be much easier to handle complex topsoil removal and replacement areas.

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