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By Karen Cummings • May 14th, 2015
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IntelliCAD, a comprehensive toolkit used for CAD software programming, offers users a cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD. Published and updated independently by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, the toolkit has been licensed by the non-profit organization to nearly 30 member organizations that incorporate the CAD software into products of their own. Capable of reading and writing files in the .dwg format, IntelliCAD has been regularly updated and refined by the ITC to meet the needs of CAD customers across the globe. Licensed members of the ITC develop software for a wide range of industries in need of a powerful CAD tool, and recent updates make an even stronger case for IntelliCAD.

“Recent updates make an even stronger case for IntelliCAD.”

A brief journey through IntelliCAD’s past

IntelliCAD was originally developed in the early 1990s, and since then, ownership of the tool switched hands until 1997, when it was acquired by Visio. IntelliCAD 98 was released the following year, earning $3 million in gross revenue in its first three months, thanks to the sale of almost 12,000 licenses via distribution by the ITC’s members. In 1999, Visio decided to let its IntelliCAD team chart its own course by signing over a perpetual, cost-free license to the program’s source code. Visio then assisted an independent board of directors to form the ITC as means of furthering the research, development and expansion of the IntelliCAD tool kit. Later that year, the ITC launched the first iteration of its official website.

IntelliCAD 8 is better than ever

The ITC continues to improve and enhance IntelliCAD to this day –  members, and subsequently their customers, get to enjoy the benefits from this ongoing development. In fact, IntelliCAD 8 was released just last year, according to the ITC. Victor Neves, the president of CAD Manufacturing Solutions, lauded the ITC as IntelliCAD 8 was its finest software offering to date.

The ITC has improved 8 over its predecessors by adding layer states, searchable layer filters, new transparency functionality, expanded grid features and 3D orbiting. These are just a few of the examples of the way that IntelliCAD has stayed up-to-date with the needs of CAD customers and cutting-edge in its approach to helping users solve their problems.

The ITC continues to update IntelliCAD with the latest features and compatibility.

The ITC continues to update IntelliCAD with the latest features and compatibility.

Software designed to meet your company’s needs

Design World Online noted that there are several factors that companies should consider when choosing a CAD tool kit, and a few common needs stand out. First and foremost should be an analysis of the program’s learning curve. If a company is facing tight deadlines, for instance, choosing a CAD program with a long journey from beginner to competency may not be the right choice. Thankfully, those familiar with other leading CAD toolkits will have no trouble becoming adept with IntelliCAD.

Second, close attention should be paid to built-in applications. Many jobs, including 3D modeling, are far easier to perform when CAD platforms have features like product data management solutions built directly into the software. Considering the size of IntelliCAD’s membership body, there are bound to be several app-assisted solutions available to help your company get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Third, the importance of compatibility can not be overstated. Try doing a little extra research to see what type of technology standards are commonplace among your customers and competitors. In this case, IntelliCAD’s ability to fully integrate .dwg format files has helped the toolkit become a popular choice in numerous industries.

Get in touch with Carlson Software, a licensed member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, if you have more questions about how the IntelliCAD toolkit can help your business get the job done.

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