Using SurvCE for Road Rehabilitation Stakeout

March 7th, 2013

What is Road Rehabilitation?

More than any other civil engineering project, highways and roads need to be maintained and renovated in order to meet regulation and expanding demand.

Road rehabilitation, the process of restoring a degraded road’s original slope and drainage (and in some cases expansion to accommodate additional lanes), offers unique challenges for civil engineering and land surveyors to work between the original design, the as-built positioning and cross slope, and the new proposed improvements.

Staking Road Rehab Jobs in the Field with Carlson SurvCE

To meet this challenge, Carlson Software has two commands (“Store Sections” and “Stake Road”) that make road rehabilitation stakeout faster, simpler, and more effective. This video tutorial, using the award-winning data collection software, Carlson SurvCE, demonstrates how in the field you can:

  • Capture as-built cross section data on an existing highway using “Store Sections”;
  • Compare the as-built to the original design cross section;
  • Create new lane extensions that accurately respect the as-built conditions for the center of the road and cross-slope, using the original highway design for stationing and offset guidance;
  • And ultimately, “Stake Road” to stake or slope stake the new extended lane positions.

Clear, accurate, and easy-to-use, Carlson SurvCE’s “Store Sections” and “Stake Road” capabilities will help pave the way for a successful road rehab lane extension project.

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