Oh Man…

By Steve Cummings • April 8th, 2020

Oh man, oh man, oh man….

Just what the heck is going on? Well, a few weeks ago I had all this stuff going on: getting ready to travel from one coast to another for conferences, preparing class presentations, renewing my passport just in case.

Now, even though I’ve spent twice as much on groceries this past month as I normally do, I’m looking to cut expenses everywhere I can. Just in case.

I’m pretty sure you are, too.

You might be looking at large monthly subscription charges for your photogrammetry processing or your CAD software. You made plans based on an economic environment that suddenly changed beyond recognition in ways that were, literally, unimaginable just a few short weeks ago. Now, bills that were “Just what it is” have become “Holy Smokes, I’m paying that?!”

Some might be realizing that, unless they can come up with that large cost, they won’t be able to open or view their own work. That’s right, most of our competitors lease their software to you or, in the case of photogrammetry software, you have a monthly subscription bill whether you use it or not and many just cannot use it due to mandated restrictions.

So, rather than discuss the great, state-of-the-art features of Carlson Software or the ease-of-use, or how we work hard to make our software accept other formats and export to others easily, or that we have the number one ranked technical support in our industry in the world I want to mention this:

You own your Carlson software.

Carlson software comes with an embedded CAD engine, either Intellicad or AutoCad OEM, and they never expire, regardless of whether you upgrade yearly or not. Now we recommend that you do stay current, it’s a very inexpensive cost that entitles you to the newest features and the use of the Carlson Academy for on-line training among other perks, but it is not absolutely necessary – your software still works. Your DWG files still open. Tech Support still takes your calls and addresses your issues. You won’t wake up one day unable to open your own work.

In the case of photogrammetry software, Carlson is different here as well. We don’t charge a monthly subscription, PhotoCapture is pay-as-you-go. A $150 Yearly Membership allows you to buy big or small amounts of processing capacity when you want – to burn when you want – and if you have capacity left over, paying the next year’s Yearly Membership rolls it all into the new year. So, if you can’t fly, you don’t pay and you keep what you’ve already paid for.

There’s another very important thing to mention right now:

Your Carlson serial number entitles you to install your software on TWO machines.

You don’t have to move your office computer to your home or uninstall it on this machine to reinstall on that one. You have the software you can use both at work and at home. Download your version from carsonsw.com, install, plug in your serial number, select “Home or Field Use” and you are up and running. If you have any problems, such as “I don’t know my serial number” or “I think it’s already on two machines, but I need it” give us a call at 606-564-5028 and ask for Registration Tech Support – we’re all, and I do mean all, here to help.

Third, what better time to demo the newest versions of Carlson software than now? We offer fully functional 30-day demo versions of almost all the software products we have, simply navigate to carlsonsw.com, pick a product, and request a demo.

Lastly, Carlson is offering special 90-day licenses and deferred payment plans on hardware and software just for these times. Click “Flexible Programs” at carlsonsw.com for more information.

Long ago I had an interview for a job, I’d been laid off just that morning. He said, and I remember it word-for-word:

“The market is tanking, housing starts have dropped here 80%, so you know what I’m going to do?”

I uttered the scariest word possible in a job interview: “No”, I said.

“I’m going to buy three cars of lumber and hire you because I’m going to be ready.”

And we were. We increased sales by 10 times in 6 years.

The two trillion-dollar infrastructure plan mentioned by the President this week and other efforts being discussed in other countries could mean a beaucoup boatload of surveying, civil engineering and construction to be done. I’m already planning. I’ll be ready.

Will you?

Stay safe. Plan with courage.

– Steve

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