Note from the President – September 2018

By Bruce Carlson • September 27th, 2018

Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software, founded the independent company in 1983.

Carlson 2019 on IntelliCAD 9.0 Works Natively on Microstation ® DGN Drawings

A real breakthrough for newly released Carlson 2019 is that it can load and work natively in Microstation “.dgn” drawings. You also have the ability to start new drawings in “.dgn” mode using the File > New command. By “native”, we mean that the entities are saved as “.dgn” entities that can be loaded into Microstation applications and used by others without conversion between formats. All the commands that appear in the Carlson Survey and Carlson Civil modules (icons highlighted below) are set to work in “.dgn” mode.

Cell Libraries (“.cel files): The integration with Microstation goes deeper. Using the command “Symbol Library” shown below, you can load “.cel” file libraries and make them part of your symbol selection options.

This leads to the dialog shown below where you can select “Add” and load as many varied “.cel” libraries as desired.

These libraries are then available in all point-plotting commands, such as Draw/Locate Points and even Field-to-Finish. In Field-to-Finish, you have the option to assign symbols from the cell libraries to the feature codes. This means you can bring your point files in from a field survey and create symbols and even linework that is Microstation-ready.

Microstation linework files have a “.rsc” extension and can be loaded using the command “Linetype”. Browse for the “.rsc” libraries and select those that you wish to use.

Then when you do Field-to-Finish, you can associate these linetypes with the layer assigned to the description code (such as “EP” or “SW”, etc.). Carlson 2019 will then draw Microstation-style 2D and 3D lines, as shown here as a 10” Gas line plotted with some “.cel” file-based trees.

The integration with Microstation in Carlson 2019 is made possible by the new IntelliCAD 9 platform. This platform also has major enhancements with regard to Autocad features. One worth mentioning is a new feature to do “Annotative Text”. These improvements are at the CAD level—and they come “free” with Carlson 2019 as part of the platform. Now you can span two worlds, the world of Autocad and Microstation, in one program, while running our Carlson application commands.

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