New LandXML-2.0 Now Official with Free 3D Viewer

January 17th, 2016
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MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A. (January 18, 2016) — A new and improved LandXML to transfer project data to another project or to another application has been developed. To go along with LandXML-2.0, Carlson Software has a new, free 3D viewer to visualize the project data in XML files. The viewer can be downloaded on the LandXML and Carlson website and is completely free. LandXML-2.0 now supports multi-textured and colored surfaces all contained in a single file.

Free XML Viewer

The new, free LandXML 3D viewer

LandXML was first introduced at the IHEEP 2000 conference, leading to widespread adoption among U.S. DOTs and around the world. Now, LandXML-2.0, from, includes key improvements for signing and sealing LandXML files for defined versioning. In addition, LandXML-2.0 includes additional schema for road design templates (in addition to sampled cross sections, which currently exist) as well as for drainage elements such as pipe culverts with headwalls, open channels and catch basins with pipe structures.

New Features in LandXML-2.0 include:

  • Update LandXML 2.0 schema to use current W3C standards
  • Support signing and sealing
  • Incorporate 3D Road model improvements from worldwide input.
    • Add flexible road cross-section design template definitions.
    • Add SCS and Rational runoff associated with surface boundaries.
  • Enhance
    • Sanitary sewer pipes, structures and networks additions.
    • Storm water open system culverts, ditches, ponds and allow combined closed/open networks.
    • Add Material Table for element appearance
    • Add Color and textures to surfaces.
    • Add 2D/3D Symbol support for COGO points and polyline vertices.
  • Imported/Exported Data
    • Surfaces with multiple colors and textures
    • Material Table
    • Texture Images

By transforming their drawing data using LandXML-2.0, users can import data into other software applications to be modified and delivered to customers and agencies in the required formats; archive data in a non-proprietary format; and also export and import data in the appropriate formats.

Carlson Software has developed a 3D viewer to be used in conjunction with XML files. Features available for the free viewer are as follows:

  • Open and view LandXML files
    • CgPoints
    • Survey Monuments
    • Survey Reduced Observations
    • Surfaces (TIN and from SourceData Chains, Breaklines)
    • Watersheds
    • Alignments (CoordGeom Element) Supports: Line, Curve, Spirals, IrregularLines and Chains)
    • Parcels
    • PipeNetworks
    • PlanFeatures
    • Windows thumbnail shell extension 3D previews for LandXML
    • Drag and Drop file support
    • Draw/Edit polylines
    • Add textures to closed polylines
    • Auto Texture Surface feature for quick texturing of areas
    • Insert 3D Objects (.OBJ and .SKP files)
    • Measure command
    • Save LandXML-2.0 files

For the latest on LandXML 2.0 and to view sample files, visit

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